Bakson Menso Aid Syrup for complaints of menstrual cycles

Bakson Menso Aid Syrup for complaints of menstrual cycles, bdominal cramps and backache, mild vaginal infection.

Bakson Menso Aid Syrup is a homeopathic medicine indicated for complaints of menstrual cycles, abdominal cramps and backache, mild vaginal infection.

A woman’s reproductive health is subjected to phasic changes in most years of her life. It thus becomes important to take utmost care of any upheavals in this periodical chain of events. Women may develop various complaints which often present in the form of: Painful menstruations.

Unusually heavy or light bleeding, delayed menarche or missed periods. Discharge of abnormal fluid from vagina that commonly indicates genital tract infection. Lower backache, fatigue and weakness due to heavy blood loss and nutritional deficiency.

Bakson Menso Aid Syrup is a carefully developed formulation with effective ingredients to alleviate the symptoms of female generative organs.

Contraindication: Bakson Menso Aid Syrup should not be taken during Pregnancy or if it is suspected.

Abroma augusta Q, abroma radix Q, aletris fairnosa Q, alfalfa Q, terminalia arjuna Q, berberis vulgaris Q, cinchona off Q, crataegus oxy Q, janosia ashoka Q, pulsatilla n. Q, viburnum op. Q, kalium brom 1x, caulophyllum. Q

About Janosia Ashoka
: The drug has great influence on the female reproductive organs, its mother tincture is commonly prescribed for delayed and irregular menses, Amenorrhoea, pain in ovaries before flow, menstrual colic, menorrhagia, irritable bladder with other symptoms like unilateral headache, reflex uterine, congestive headache, better open air and by free flow. In Ayurveda, the bark of Ashoka is recommended with boiled milk as a remedy for menstrual disorders. It is also helpful in dysmenorrhoea. It is also known as a nourishing tonic for uterus
It is a storehouse of phytochemicals with pharmacologically and clinical action. It contains Ketosterol, a glycosidal fraction, a saponin and an organic calcium compound that are important in the treatment of menorrhagia
It is used in disorder related to menstural cycle and axis.
Other range of action: Leucorrhoea , Metorrhagia , Uterine colic , UTIs

Dosage: 1-2 teaspoon with water twice daily or as prescribed by the physician.

Size: 115ml, 200ml and 450ml

Manufacturer: Baksons drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd

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