Bakson Ginseng Plus Capsules – Boosts energy & immunity

Bakson Ginseng Plus Capsules - Boosts energy & immunity

About Ginseng
Ginseng is a proved and official pharmacopoeial medicine with wide coverage such as stimulant, acting on lower spinal cord, paralytic weakness action on CNS with symptoms of vertigo, headache, visual disturbances and many symptoms suggestive of diminished circulation.
The drug helps the body to adapt to stress, fatigue, cold, improve body’s capacity to cope with hunger, extremes of temperatures or mental and emotional stress. It has ingredients similar to body’s own stress-hormones. Also improves immune function, liver function; stimulates vitality, works as restorative and used for impotence and premature ejaculation.

Bakson Ginseng Plus Capsules Indications
• Boost energy
• Lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels,
• Reduce stress,
• Promote relaxation,
• Treat diabetes and
• Manage sexual dysfunction in men.

Dosage of Bakson Ginseng Plus Capsules: 1 capsule daily preferably in the morning or before meal; or as prescribed by the Dietician.

Presentation: Bakson Ginseng Plus Capsules comes in 50 Capsules.

MRP: 500/- (Buy online at best discounts)

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