Buy Bakson Acne Aid Homeopathy Tablets, Treats acne removes pimples

Bakson Acne Aid Tablet for Acne, Pimples

Bakson Acne Aid Tablet is an excellent homeopathic tablet for clear skin. It naturally aids in getting rid of acne, pimples and deals effectively with Oily skin that brings constant fear of breakouts. The storage of excess oil on the outer skin layer can lead to blackheads, blind pimples, whiteheads, and other skin problems

Acne is an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous (oil) glands which usually blows up during puberty as sex hormones speed up the secretion of oil from these glands. The problem begins when there is a build up of oil in the narrow gland openings or drainage passages in the skin. It is therefore important that perspiration and other coatings clogging the skin pores be washed off. Never squeeze an acne as it leads to inflammation and scarring

The redness is due an inflammatory response and should not be confused with a scar. Generally  acne or pimple breakouts cause redness and containing the  initial redness can help the pimple heal faster. Homeopathic remedies like
1. ASTERIAS RUB is indicated for RED pimples (the ones between puberty and maturity)
2. BELLADONA – for burning & painful pimples
3. CHELIDONIUM – painful red pimples
4. LEDUM PAL – red pimples on forehead & cheeks
help treat acne in breakout stage.
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Bakson Acne Aid Tablet contains a useful Homeopathic combination of Berberis Aquifolium and Thuja Calendula Officinalis, that provides following benefits:
> Hypoallergic and anti-comedogin action
> Controls excessive sebum accumulation
> Provides flawless skin

Bakson Acne Aid Tablet for Acne / Pimples Contains
• Berberis aquifolium ø,
• Kali. bromatum 200

Mode of action of individual ingredients in Bakson Acne Aid Tablet
Berberis Aquifolium is a top homeopathic ingredient indicated as a natural herb for clearing facial complexion. It is used in all the cases where the skin is dark or has scars due to acne or any other conditions
Kali bromatum: Acne of face, pustules. Itching. Ammonium bromatum: Small pimples with intense itching.

Dosage:1 Bakson Acne Aid tablet, 2 times a day.

Presentation: 50 Tablets (5×10 tabs. Blister pack )

Manufacturer: Baksons drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd

RATE/PRICE: Rs.110 (Buy Online!! Get 5% OFF)

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  1. Hi, i have excessive acne from past 8 years and it leaves scars. Dermatologist prescribed me isotretin. Slowly i am getting dependent on isotretin. Stopping isotretin leads to more acne. Will acne aid help in this case. Please make an honest suggestion.

    1. Dr.Pranjali recommends a combination of homeopathy medicines(ACNE KIT) for acne removal that is free of any dependency, is natural and free of any side effects

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