Avascular Necrosis Treatment Without Surgery, Top Natural Remedies

avascular necrosis homeopathy treatment, syphilinum for necrosis, Dr Kirti recommended homeopathic medicines for AVN

Joint sections (often the ends of a long bone) of your body can get worn out quickly if blood supply stops, leading to painful osteoarthritis or collapse of the joint surface in worst cases. Regenerative medicine treatment is one among the methods to treat avascular necrosis. Homeopathic treatments of avascular necrosis aims to slow the damage and promote natural healing, induce bone growth.

Dr. Vikas Sharma M.D recommended homeopathic medicines for AVN or avascular necrosis homeopathy treatment
Syphilinum has beneficial action on body tissues wherever the destructive process occurs, is of great help in treating bone necrosis. Guiding symptom: worsening of bone pains at night, & appearance and disappearance of pains
Silicea for sensitivity to cold air when bone pains worsen from a slight exposure to cold air. Warmth brings relief. Ideal for treating premature death of cells or necrosis of a variety of bones ranging from long to small bones
Fluoric Acid for excess body heat and the external heat worsens the condition of AVN, helps in improving the blood circulation and preventing further necrosis of bones
Aurum Metallicum for Necrosis in Nasal, Palatine Bones
Symphytum helps in proper knitting of the bone, very useful where bone has suffered damage following fractures
Natrum Sulph is one of the most beneficial medicines when dealing with hip joint AVN. The patient mainly complains of pain during motion or when stooping
Phosphorous is a natural remedy that helps in cases where the tibia bone is experiencing the destruction of cells and is very fragile
Hekla Lava which is the top natural remedy for Avascular Necrosis of the jaw when the jaw destruction is accompanied by marked facial nerve pains.

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Dr Kirti recommended homeopathic medicines for AVN or avascular necrosis homeopathy treatment
Dr. Vikram Kirti recommends certain homeopathic medicines now available in the form of kit for Avascular Necrosis (AVN) treatment. It contains the most prescribed medicines to address osteonecrosis or avascular necrosis. Watch his YouTube video “AVN | How to cure Avascular Necrosis with Homeopathic medicine ?” to know more

Avascular Necrosis Homeopathy Combination Kit contains 10 units (9 dilutions of 30ml, and tablets of 25gms) sealed bottles of: Arnica Montana 200C-1unit, Ruta Grav 200C -1unit, Rhus Tox 200C 2-1unit, Rhus Tox Q-1unit, Arnica Q-1unit, Echinacea Purp Q-1unit, Belladonna Q- 1 unit, Urtica Urens Q- 1 unit, Ruta Q- 1unit, and SBL Homeocal tablets- 1 unit

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