Aralia Racemosa Homeopathy Medicated Pills

Aralia Racemosa homeopathy pills

Also called American spikenard
Effective in Asthma, burns, cough
Properties – expectorant, diaphoretic (induces sweat), stimulant, antirheumatic
Dr Gopi recommends Frequent sneezing. Sneezing worse least drafts with copious, watery, excoriating nasal discharge of salty acrid taste.
Dr Vikas Sharma says aralia is used to treat pollen allergy accompanied by frequent sneezing and watery discharges from the nose. Aralia Racemosa is a homeopathic medicine that is used to treat sneezing which primarily occurs from exposure to the slightest draught of air. Other symptoms that indicate the use of this medicine include watery, excoriating nasal discharges, nasal obstruction, smarting sensation and soreness in the nostrils.
Dr Kirthi recommends for Aralia racemosa 30 2 drops 3 times a day alongwith grindelia Q for breathlessness
Dr Jyoti of homeo health clinic says it is Important medicine for cough and asthma (left side lungs affected) , complaints from suppressed Leucorrhea (females), breathing difficulty with whistling in chest

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