Anacardium Orientale Homeopathic Medicine Benefits, Indications

"Anacardium Orientale Homeopathic Medicine for auditory hallucinations, delusions, schizophrenia, weak memory"

Anacardium Orientale Homeopathy Benefits

  • Anacardium is is a leading medicine for cases where auditory hallucinations are prominent. It is indicated when a person hears voices of persons far away. Sometimes he may hear voices of dead people or spirits.
  • mainly indicated for cases where there are delusions of being under superhuman control. Next it is indicated for persons having delusions that they are double and delusion that mind and body are separated
  • This medicine is prominently indicated in persons complaining of cramps in calf muscles while walking. They feel better by lying down.
  • Considered in cases of brain fog attended with forgetfulness. Persons needing it have marked forgetfulness and forgets what has happened recently or what they have seen recently
  • It is a well indicated for memory loss after stroke and after some sort of fright. It is also a top grade medicine to manage amnesia in alzheimer’s disease
  • Anacardium is a top listed remedy for treating cases of senile dementia. The person needing Anacardium suffers from marked forgetfulness, he retains nothing in the memory and doesn’t remember anything
  • Use of Anacardium is considered when multiple blisters appear on the skin. The size of blisters varies from pin-head to pea size

Dr K S Gopi recommends Anacardium for

  • Anacardium Orientale 200 for Schizophrenia with complaints of hearing voices from far away that command him to do activities. Another feature is excessive anger at the slightest offense. Dual personality
  • Anacardium is one of the top remedies for Alzheimer’s disease with forgetfulness.Anacardium is suitable to manic – depressed persons. Marked forgetfulness is the key symptom of Anacardium

Dr. Rawat Choudhary recommends Anacardium for
Ana card 200 for weak memory or memory loss, fogetfullness, weekly twice once a day directly on tongue or in medicated globules. He recommends the following 3 homeopathic medicines to be taken along with Anacardium Orientale : Medorrhinum 200 (weekly once), Anacardium Orientale 200, Kali Phos 6x (daily 4 tablets 3 times daily) and Brahmi Q (15 drops daily twice in luke warm water)

Dr Aadil Chimthanawala recommends Anacardium orientale
as the best medicine for those persons who has mental disorders like Schizophrenia, Short term memory loss etc.
His Youtube video: Mental Disorder Treatment: Cure schizophrenia (Schizophrenia का उपचार) with Anacardium orientale Homeopathic Medicine

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