Allen Vasakof Tonic, Cough Syrup for Laryngitis, Bronchitis,

Allen Vasakof Tonic Homeopathic Cough Syrup

Allen Vasakof Tonic is indicated for Laryngitis, Bronchitis, Common cold, Pneumonia, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Bronchial Asthma, Whooping Cough and Productive cough.

Ingredients: Each 5 ml Allen Vasakof Tonic Contains:
• Adhatoda 0.010ml,
• Tart 0.045ml,
• Justicia Ad 0.003ml,
• Azadiracha ind 0.003ml,
• Belladonna 0.002ml,
• Aralia Racemosa 0.0002ml,
• Cassea soph Q0.002ml,
• Drosera 0.002ml,
• Ferr Phos 3x 0.045ml,
• Ipecac Q 0.010ml,
• Mephites 0.002ml,
• Mentha pip 0.0045ml,
• Nat sulph 6D 0.045ml,
• Ocimum 0.045ml,
• Passiflora 0.002ml,
• Sramonium 0.002ml,
• Zingiber 0.002ml, In syrup and sweetener base.

Mode of action in individual ingredients in Allen Vasakof Tonic
Justicia adhatoda: Dry cough from the sterna region extending all over the chest.
Antimonium tartaricum: Hoarseness. Great rattling of mucus but very little comes out.
Blatta orientalis: Cough with mucus. Asthmatic cough.
Belladonna: Paroxysmal dry cough. Dyspnea.
Aralia racemosa: Asthma with spasmodic cough.
Cassia sophora: Cough with Dyspnea. Cough hurts the chest. Hoarseness.
Drosera rotundifolia: Cough is hoarse, barking and laryngeal.
Ferrum phosphoricum: Short, painful, tickling cough. Hard, dry cough with painful chest.
Ipecacuanha: Cough with nausea and mucus which is expelled after some efforts.
Mephitis mephitica: Cough following influenza. Violent spasmodic cough.
Natrum sulphuricum: Rattling cough. Expectoration is greenish.
Ocimum sanctum: Helps alleviate cough. Passiflora incarnata: An efficient anti spasmodic. Good for whooping cough.
Stramonium: Cough with painful throat with violent thirst.
Zingiber officinale: Hoarseness, smarting below the larynx; breathing difficult. Asthma.
Mentha piperita: Controls cough due to throat and bronchial irritation.

Dosage: One or two teaspoonful of Allen Vasakof Tonic after food thrice a day or as directed by the Physician.

Side effects: No side effects of Allen Vasakof Tonic are known

Contra indications: No contra indications for the use of Allen Vasakof Tonic are known. Further products do not interfere with any other medication.

Presentation: 100 ml

Manufacturer: Allen Homoeo & Herbals Products Ltd. Hyderabad

Storage: Store in cool and dry place.

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