Allen Malt Chocolate an ideal food supplement, energy malt

Allen Malt Chocolate an ideal food supplement, energy malt for the entire family.

Allen malt chocolate is an ideal food supplement for growing children, pregnant and lactating women, and adults. It stimulates nutrition, appetite and digestion, improves physical and mental vigour, helps in case of malnutrition, under nourishment and under weight. An ideal energy malt for the whole family.

Allen malt chocolate is a ideal homeopathic blend of useful ingredients like lfalfa Q Avena Sativa Q 1, Hydrastis Candensis Q, Ashwagandha Q, Cinchona Officinalis, Hydrastis Candensis Q, Cinchona Officinalis Q , Kali Phos 6x, Kali Arsenicum 3x, Natrum Phos, 6x

Mode of action of individual ingredients in Allen Malt Chocolate
Alfalfa: From its action on sympathetic, alfalfa favourably influences nutrition, tones up the appetite and digestion, resulting in greatly improved mental and physical vigour and gain in strength.
Avena sativa: Has a selective action on brain and nervous system, favourably influencing their nutritive function. Nervous exhaustion and sexual debility call for this remedy.
Hydrastis Canadensis: Indicated for great debility in old people who are easily tired. It improves muscular power.
Cinchona officinalis: China is indicated in weakness and debility especially after loss of vital fluids and exhausting discharges.
Withania somnifera: Fortifies the body considerably, reinforces muscular mass, strengthens tissues, muscles and bones, and reduces feelings of tiredness in chronic fatigue.
Kali phosphoricum: Conditions arising from want of nerve power. Nervous, sensitive, weak and easily fagged.
Kali arsenicum: Much pain and tenderness in back and limbs.
Ferrum aceticum: It’s a good pain reliever.
Calcarea phosphorica: Anaemia or debility after acute disease, or chronic wasting disease. Mental and physical weakness and fatigue.
Natrum phosphoricum: Aching rheumatic pains.

Ingredients: Allen Malt Chocolate Contains: Alfalfa Q 1.5% W/W., Avena Sativa Q 1.5% W/W., Hydrastis Candensis Q, 0.5 % W/W., Cinchona Officinalis Q 0.5% W/W., Hydrastis Candensis Q 0.5% W/W., Cinchona Officinalis Q 0.5% W/W., Ashwagandha Q 0.1% W/W., Kali Phos 6x 1.0 % W/W., Kali Arsenicum 3x 1.0% W/W., Natrum Phos, 6x 1.0% W/W. In Malt Extract Base.

Dosage: Growing Children 2 teaspoonful of Allen Malt Chocolate daily 3times. Adults: 1 tablespoonful daily 3 times. Pregnant and lactating and women; 2 tabletsponful daily 3 times or as directed by the physician.

Presentation: Bottle of 300 ml and 500 ml

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