Allen A90 Ovarian Cysts Drops, PCOS Treatment

Allen A90 Ovarian Cysts Drops

Allen A90 Ovarian Cysts Drops are indicated for cyst formations on the ovaries, ovarian tumours, polycystic ovarian syndrome, dull, aching or sudden, sharp pain in lower abdomen, irregular menstrual periods, pain during intercourse or bowel movements.

Allen Homoeo and Herbal Products Limited is the front runner in Indian Homoeopathic Industry with 35 Years of experience in manufacturing world- class medicines. For over three decades, millions of Indians have benefited using our medicines. Allens Medicines are safe and do not have any side effects or contraindications. They are very effective for adults and children as well.

Each 5ml. of Allen A90 Ovarian Cysts Drops Contains:
Apis mellifica 3x
Arsenicum album 3x
Iodium 3x
Lillium tigrum 3x
Conium maculatum 3x
Lac caninum 6C
Hepar sulphuris calcareum 3x
Belladonna 3x
Palladium 3x
Calcarea carbonica 3x
In Aqua Destillata.

Mode of action of individual ingredients in Allen A90 Ovarian Cysts Drops
Apis mellifica: An important remedy for ovarian affections. Congestion in the right ovary causes soreness in the inguinal region with burning and stinging pain; swelling. If there is numbness down the thighs. Inflammation of the ovaries in childhood. Suppression of menses due to ovarian cysts or tumors.
Arsenicum album: Burning, tensive pains in the ovaries, especially right. Ovaritis relieved by hot applications.
Iodium: Atrophy of ovaries. Ovaritis. Wedge like pains in the right ovarian region.
Lillium tigrum: Pain in lower abdomen with ovarian cyst.
Conium maculatum: Ovarian cysts in unmarried women.
Lac caninum: Pain during menstruation.
Hepar sulphuris calcareum: A good remedy for ovarian cysts.
Belladonna: Acute ovaritis. Throbbing pains appear and disappear suddenly and appear again. Bearing down sensation. Pain is worse on the right side.
Palladium: A good ovarian remedy. Pain and swelling in the right ovary. Cutting pain in the uterus, relieved after stool.
Calcarea carbonica: Polypi of ovaries. Cutting pain in the ovarian region during menstruation. Menses too early, long lasting with vertigo.

Dosage: Take 50 Drops of Allen A90 Ovarian Cysts Drops in half cup of water daily 4 times for 4 days. After 4 days, take 30 Drops, 3 times a day. Or as directed by the Physician

Side effects: No side effects of Allen A90 Ovarian Cysts Drops are known

Contra indications: No contra indications for the use of Allen A90 Ovarian Cysts Drops are known. Further products do not interfere with any other medication.

Presentation: 30ml

Manufacturer: Allen Homoeo & Herbals Products Ltd.Hyderabad

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14 thoughts on “Allen A90 Ovarian Cysts Drops, PCOS Treatment”

  1. Iam unable to open dropper as I opened complete cap has come out, how to use to get drop of liquit?
    Please let me know

  2. Is there any kind of particular food we need to have while taking this drops like we need limit non veg or some kind of veg food items in diet plan .

  3. If patient effects the body such goldblader cist grow then tak A90 homeopaths medicine ok

    1. Benign (non cancerous) tumors or growths on the lining of the uterus or even uterine fibroids are known to cause menorrhagia (heavy menstrual flow that may be prolonged). A90 is not known to cause any side effects, pls consult a homeopath once

  4. I am aged 42 yrs and taking Allen 90 ovarian cyst drops thrice in a day ( 15 drops in 10ml water) , since I didn’t get my periods last period was may 27th and its almost two months now, I didn’t get my periods..I experience light pain in lower abdomen on left side very rarwrly. plz suggest am I taking the right dosage?? Last year I was diagonised with follicular cysts.. was taking ayurvedic medicine from last two months but didn’t switched on to homeopathy..hope this will help me in getting back my periods

    1. Usually missed periods are not a cause for concern but 2 months duration is. Pregnancy, strenuous exercise, stress, low body fat, or hormonal imbalances can cause menstrual irregularities. Ovarian cysts can cause missed periods as well as other symptoms that are so similar to pregnancy. We suggest you consult a homeopath before further treatment

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