Allen A83 Drops, Homeo bed wetting medicine, involuntary urination

Allen A83 Drops, Homeopathic Bed Wetting Medicine, involuntary urination, nocturnal enuresis

Allen A83 Bed Wetting Drops is a homeopathic medicine indicated for involuntary urination during sleep, also medically termed as nocturnal enuresis

Is bed wetting a medical condition?: Bed wetting is the unintentional (involuntary) discharge of urine during the night. Enuresis is a technical term that refers to the continued, usually involuntary, passage of urine during the night or the day after the age at which control is expected. Nocturnal enuresis is involuntary urination that happens at night while sleeping, after the age when a person should be able to control his or her bladder. The body increases urine output to try to get rid of the sugar. Having to urinate frequently is a common symptom of diabetes. If you find yourself waking up to urinate more than twice each night, you may have this condition. Any of these medical issues can also cause bedwetting in adults: diabetes, urinary tract infection, urinary tract stones, neurological disorders, anatomical abnormalities, urinary tract calculi, prostate cancer, prostate enlargement, bladder cancer, or obstructive sleep apnea. You can avoid bedwetting by; Shift times for drinking, Schedule bathroom breaks, Eliminate bladder irritants, Consider if constipation is a factor.

Allen A83 Bed Wetting Drops Each 5ml. contains:
• Belladonna 3x
• Acidum benzoicum 3x
• Calcarea carbonica 3x
• Causticum 3x
• Cina 3x
• Ferrum metallicum 3x
• Kali bromatum 3x
• Kreosotum 3x
• Pulsatilla nigricans 3x
• Sepia 3x
• Silicea 3x in Aqua Destillata.

Mode of action of individual ingredients in Allen A83 Drops
Belladonna: Restless sleep in nervous, excitable children who wet the bed. Involuntary passing of urine in sleep during night.
Acidum benzoicum: Strong smelling urine of low specific gravity. Bed wetting several times during sleep.
Calcarea carbonica: Enuresis in children who are plump, eat dirt and other indigestible things.
Causticum: Involuntary spurting of urine on sneezing and coughing. Involuntary urination in children and aged at night during the first sleep.
Cina: Enuresis due the presence of worms in children. The child scratches the tip of the nose often.
Ferrum metallicum: Involuntary urination worse daytime. Tickling in the urethra extending to the bladder.
Kali bromatum: Bedwetting with diminished sensitivity of the urethra.
Pulsatilla nigricans: For girls who wet the bed during the day as well as the night. Poor sleepers and in patients who eat too much.
Sepia: Enuresis in first part of the sleep with very offensive urine.
Silicea: Nocturnal enuresis in children with worms.

Dosage: Take 8 to 10 Drops in half cup of water daily 3 times. Or as directed by the Physician.

Side effects: No side effects of Allen A83 Drops are known

Contra indications: No contra indications for the use of Allen A83 Drops are known. Further products do not interfere with any other medication.

Presentation: 30ml

Manufacturer: Allen Homoeo & Herbals Products Ltd.Hyderabad

Storage: Store in cool and dry place

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