Allen A01 Analgesic Drops for Neuralgic Pains

Allen A01 Analgesic Drops for Neuralgic Pains

Allen A01 Analgesic Drops is indicated for neuralgic Pains, Headache and Arthralgia.

Introduction: Neuralgia is a stabbing, burning, and often quite severe pain that occurs along a damaged nerve. The damaged nerve may be anywhere in the body, but is most common in the face and neck. Headache a continuous pain in the head. Arthralgia pain in a joint.

Mode of action of individual ingredients in Allen A01 Analgesic Drops
Gelsemium sempervirens: Neuralgias of various parts with loss of control and pains which are most deep seated. Sore, bruised feeling all over, especially limbs.
Spigelia: Pains Intense, burning, radiating, sharp, stitching, jerking, tearing. Pains directed from within outwards and from below upwards. Neuralgias – In any part, especially left trigeminal neuralgia, cardiac neuralgia, and ciliary neuralgia.
Colocynthis: Different types of Pains. Colicky pain. Pains come suddenly, go suddenly. Spasmodic. Crampy, tearing part. Neuralgic pains, cutting, pinching, clamping or gnawing.
Acidum salicylicum: Shifting, burning pains worse at night.

Ingredients: Allen A01 Analgesic Drops Contains: Gelsemium sempervirens 3x 1ml, Spigelia 3x 1ml, Colocynthis 3x 1ml , Cocculus indicus 3x 1ml, Acidum salicylicum 3x 0.75ml

Dosage: Take 8 to 10 Allen A01 Drops in half cup of water daily 3 times before meals. Or as directed by the Physician.

Presentation: 30 ml

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