Agom Tailark Oil & Pills Combo

Agom Tailark Oil & Pills Combo

About Agom Tailark Oil & Pills 

Agom Tailark Oil is very useful in bleeding from an injury. Indicated for corns, inflamed piles, Vat vikar, Cuts, Wounds.

Agom Tailark Pills are very effective in Vaata and simulate the action of other medicines and produce warmth in the body. Indicated for distension of abdomen, pain in the back and pelvic region, Agnimandya, indigestion, amla-pitta

Agom Tailark Oil & Pills Contains

Agom Tailark Oil & Pills Contains Semicarpus anacardium 3x; Leucas cephalotes 3x 

Agom Tailark Oil & Pills Dosage

Pills Dosage:  2-4 pills 15 minutes before meals.

Oil Application: Shake the bottle and mix with 100 to 150 grams of coconut oil depending upon the severity of the ailment. Shake vigorously for 5 minutes before use.


30ml Oil & 25gm Pills

MRP: 200/- Buy Online

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