Allen A82 Homeopathy Drops for Premature Greying of Hair, 30ml

Allen A82 Homeopathy Drops for Premature Greying of Hair, white hair treatment

Allen A82 Homeopathy for Premature Greying of Hair is indicated for early loss of hair pigmentation. It is a specialty formulation of several homeopathic herbs each well known for its action on hair and scalp health.

Grey Hair causes:
1. Due to aging process, Hair strands on our head gradually lose melanin and become grey or silver or white as we get older. This is because the pigment cells in our hair follicles gradually die and there are fewer pigment cells in a hair follicle
2. Stress: factor: Stress hormones mediate the signals instructing melanocytes to deliver melanin to keratinocytes and if that signal is disrupted, melanin will not deliver pigment to your hair. Doctors will tell you that they observe accelerated graying among patients under stress
3. Genetics: When and how much melanin the body produces is determined by genetics. If you start to grey early, blame it partly on the genes! Scientists have identified 18 genes that appear to influence the look and feel of hair

Grey Hair treatment in Homeopathy Top medicines

How does Allen A82 homeopathy drops treat grey Hair?
Allen A82 is a scientifically designed homeopathic medicine for grey hair treatment with a uunique blend of herbs. You get the goodness of homeopathic ingredients like Arnica Mont, Lycopodium C , Thuja Occ, Silicea , and Zincum Met for effectively treating grey hair.

Indications/Symptoms: Premature greying of hair, white hair in young people

Composition of A82 drops
Arnica Montana Q
Lemna Minor 3x
Lycopodium Clavatum 3x
Weisbaden 3x
Psorinum 3x
Mezereum 3x
Acid Phosphoricum 3x
Staphysagria 3x
Thuja Occidentalis 3x
Silicea 3x
Sarracema Purpurea 3x
Zincum Metallicum 3x in aqua destillata

Action of individual ingredients in A82 for Grey hair treatment: Arnica Montana (premature grey hair), Lemna Minor (grey hair due to chronic nasal catarrh), Wiebaden (darkens hair), Psorinum (for greying accompanied by severe hair fall), Acidum phosphoricum (hair thinning & turning grey early), Staphysagria (eczema of scalp & itching and grey hair), Zincum metallicum (Grey hair due to anemia, fatigue & tired)

Dosage: Take 10 – 15 drops of A82 grey hair drops in half-cup of water, 4 times a day.

Manufacturer: Allen Homoeo and Herbal Products Ltd., Hyderabad

Form: Drops

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