Medisynth Pilen Pills, Homeopathy for Hemorrhoids & Fissures

Medisynth Pilen Pills for Hemorrhoids & Fissures

Medisynth Pilen Pills combination has proved to be effective in Haemorrhoids of any kind whether internal or external, bleeding or non bleeding. It helps to relieve agonizing pains and to shrink Haemorrhoids. Also has beneficial effect to relieves Constipation and gives regular Movement to the Bowels.

Ingredients : Hamamelis Virginica 3x HPI (0.333% V/W), Aesculus Hippocastanum 3x HPI (0.333% V/W), Ratanhia 3x HPI (0.333% V/W).

Action of individual ingredients in Medisynth Pilen pills
Acidum Nitricum : It reduces bleeding, soothes the splinter-like pains, regulates bowel movements.
Calcarea Fluorica : It acts on bleeding piles, reduces bleeding, stops itching sensation in the anal region, renders stool softer and helps to shrink blind piles. It effectively relieves backache whenever associated with piles.
Hamamelis Virginica : It is a very effective drug on the haemorrhagic tendency, thus reducing and controlling haemorrhoidal bleeding in case of bleeding piles.

Medisynth Pilen Pills dosage : 2 Pills up to 3 times a day. Children-Half the above dose.

Size : Medisynth Pilen Pills comes in 25gm sealed bottle

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