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Homeopathic Medicines List for diseases of Spine or Injury

Degenerative Spine conditions List with causes & symptoms

  1. Arthritis of SpineSymptoms: Back and neck pain, especially in the lower back, Stiffness and loss of flexibility in the spine, such as being unable to straighten your back or turn your neck. Swelling and tenderness over the affected vertebrae. Feeling of grinding when moving the spine. Causes: Unknown unlike osteoarthritis, which is typically a result of wear and tear.
  2. Degenerative disc diseaseSymptoms: Painful aches at the site of a damaged disc,  Pain may spread to the buttocks, groin, and upper thighs. Causes: drying out of the disc over time, daily activities, sports and injuries
  3. Herniated disc: Symptoms: Arm or leg pain, pain in your buttocks, thigh and calf. Numbness or tingling. Causes: a single excessive strain or injury
  4. Spinal stenosis: Symptoms: Can have no symptoms, but people may experience Pain in the back, leg, or legs, thighs and buttocks that worsens with standing. Causes: caused by wear-and-tear changes in the spine related to osteoarthritis.
  5. Spondylosis: Symptoms:  Neck pain or stiffness. This may be the main symptom. Pain may get worse when you move your neck. Causes: main cause is aging and dehydration of disks.

Common Spinal Diseases and Homeopathic Treatment, know more

Lower back pain treatment at home

Other Common spine conditions and disorders:

  • Ankylosing spondylitis: Symptoms: pain and stiffness in your lower back and hips, especially in the morning and after periods of inactivity. Causes: no known specific cause, though genetic factors seem to be involved
  • Back pain: Symptoms: muscle of back aching to a shooting, burning or stabbing sensation. In addition, the pain may radiate down your leg or worsen with bending, twisting, lifting, standing or walking. Causes: Repeated heavy lifting or a sudden awkward movement can strain back muscles and spinal ligaments.
  • Myelopathy: Symptoms: pain, numbness and weakness in the neck or arms and problems with coordination. Causes: when the spinal cord is compressed, or squeezed.
  • Osteoporosis and vertebral fractures:  Symptoms: bone fracture or loss of height Causes: bone loss due to lack of calcium
  • Radiculopathy Symptoms: Sharp pain in the back, arms, legs or shoulders that may worsen with certain activities, Weakness or loss of reflexes in the arms or legs. Causes narrowing of the space where nerve roots exit the spine, which can be a result of stenosis, bone spurs, disc herniation or other conditions

Other conditions of the spine include; Scoliosis, Spinal cord cancer, Spinal cord injury, Spinal deformities, Spinal fracture, Spinal tumors

What Homeopathy Doctors recommend for Spine Diseases?

Dr. Kirthi Singh recommends

Dr. Kirthi is a popular Youtube presenter and doctor practicing at SAI Homeopathic Clinic, Nowrozabad, India

For cervical spondylitis, ankylosing spondylitis, disc prolapse, slip disc, disc degeneration, thin disc, disc herniation, disc bulging, nerve compression, lumber pain. Watch his Youtube video ” How to treat spine Diseases Back problem With Homeopathic medicine ?”

  • Arnica Montana 200 2 drops 3 times a day
  • Hypericum 200 2 drops 2 times a day
  • Aesculus 200 two drops in afternoon
  • Spondin drop 20 drops 3 times a day with some water
  • Homeocal tab SBL 2 tab 3 times a day
  • Pain Oil Super  for external application

Lumbar Spondylitis

  • Arnica Montana 200 two drops three times a day
  • Viscum album 30 two drops three times a day
  • Hypericum 200 two drops in morning
  • Ruta 200 two drops in afternoon
  • Arnica Montana mother tincture, Ruta mother tincture, Colocynth mother tincture mixed in equal proportion used 20 drops three times a day with some water
  • Pain Oil super  apply on affected area three times a day as mentioned in video

Slipped disc, herniated disc, spinal disc herniation 

  • Sepia 200 2 drops in morning
  • Arnica 200c 2 drops 2 times a day
  • Viscum album30 2 drops 2 times a day
  • Medorrhunum 20 02 drops in night
  • Colocynthis Q 20 drops three times a day with some water
  • Calcaea fluorica 6x 4 tab 4 times a day with some warm water

Dr.Pranjali recommends

Dr.Pranjali is a Bangalore based homeopath and a popular youtube presenter with close to 2 million followers. She is a esteemed homeomart affiliate

Back Pain relief

1) Mother tincture combination –

  1.  Chelidonium Q
  2.  China Q
  3.  Acid phos Q
  4.  Berberis vulgaris Q

Mix all together and take 20 drops with some water 3 times in a day

2) Bryonia 30 + Gnaphalium 30 – 2 drops 3 times in a day

3) Bryonia 30 + Rhus tox 30 – 2 drops 3 times in a day

4) Aesculus 3x – 2 drops 3 times in a day

5) Arnica 30 + Bellis per 30 – 2 drops 3 times in a day

6) Arnica 30 + Hypericum – 2 drops 3 times in a day

7) Kali carb 30 – 2 drops 3 times in a day

8) Lycopodium 30 – 2 drops 3 times in a day

9) Calcarea flour 200 – 2 drops 2 times in a day

Dr.H.S Khaneja recommends

Aesculus hip. (tds) Constant dull backache across sacrum and hips, worse on walking and stooping.
Agaricus mus. (tds) Tingling and burning in the spine as if cold needles were thrust into the spine. Twitching in various parts of the body, specially eyelids. Stiffness of the entire spine. Numb feeling in the spine.
Alumina (tds) Pain on account of degeneration of the spinal cord. Feels as if walking on cotton. Patient constipated.
Argentum nit. (tds) Useful in hardening and wasting of the spine.
Arnica mont. (tds) Spine very sensitive. Spasms of the muscles of the neck and back. Feels bed is too hard.
Belladonna (tds) Constant backache with burning of the spine.
Calcarea carb. 200 (hs) Repeat after a week Caries of the spinal cord.
Causticum (tds) Pain in the coccygeal region with numbness better by warmth.
Cimicifuga (tds) Sensitiveness to pressure on the upper and lower cervical vertebrae. Pains change about from one part to the other and are sometimes accompanied by nausea. Pain in the lumbar region, the patient cannot lean back on a chair. Weakness in the legs.
Cocculus ind. (tds) Paralytic weakness of the spine and that of motor nerves when the lumbar region is affected. Weakness in the small of the back which gives out when walking. Weakness of the entire lower extremities. Knees give out when walking. Soles feel asleep. Thighs ache. Weakness of the cervical muscles. Can hardly hold the head. Heaviness of the head.
Conium met. (tds) Ill-effects of bruises and shocks to the Spine. Pains worse on walking on the uneven surface. Paralysis from below upwards. Vertigo from turning the head sideways. Slow loss of power in the legs.
Formicum acidum (tds) Pain in the spinal cord (myalgia).
Gelsemium (tds) Deep-seated muscular pain, stiffness of neck and nape. Numb feeling in feet.
Hekla lava 3x (tds) It is of great use in rachitis – inflammation of the spine.
Hypericum (tds) Pains on account of injuries to the spine, pain shooting up and for local soreness when injuries are in the upper portion. Burning pains. Impotency due to injuries to the spine. Pain in the coccyx.
Natrium mur. (tds) Great sensitiveness between the vertebrae, relieved by pressure and by lying on a hard surface. Restlessness with debility and morning aggravation.
Nux vomica (tds) Backache in the lumbar region. Burning in the spine worse 3 to 4 AM. Has to first sit up in order to turn in bed. Spinal weakness due to sexual excesses. Sudden loss of power in legs in the morning.
Picricum acidum (tds) Weakness and pain in the back, in the lumbar region due to degeneration of the spinal cord. Pin and needle sensation in the extremities. Heavy, tired feeling.
Pulsatilla nig. (tds) Body feels stiff. Back feels as if bandaged tightly.
Silicea (tds) Inflammation of the lower parts of the spine. Pain of the coccyx.
Strychninum phos. 3x (tds) An excellent remedy for anemia of the spinal cord. The patient is disinclined to use the brain. Lack of control, uncontrollable desire to laugh, Aching and burning of the spine. Mid-dorsal region tender to pressure.
Sulphur (od) Pain in the spine on a little movement due suppression of menses.
Symphytum off. (tds) A blow on the back from a fall, etc, causing slight dislocation in the spine is speedily cured by a dose per day in 30c potency. Application of the mother tincture relieves swelling and protuberances of the spine.
Tarentula cub. (tds) Caries of spine (Pott’s disease).
Theridion (tds) Degeneration of the spinal cord with vertigo.
Thiosinaminum 2x (tds) Wasting away of spinal marrow, which causes lightening pains, is improved by use of this remedy.
Zincum met. (tds) Pain in the spine, worse sitting. Burning the spine. Dorsal vertebrae mostly affected.


Homeopathy Medicine Kits for Spinal disorders


Spondin+: This is doctor Pranjali recommended medicine kit consisting of three homeopathic medicines which included a patent drop and two single remedies. Know more 

Back Pain: Doctor Kirti Singh recommends a mixture of three dilutions, a patent medicine (SBL Vertefyne drops)  and Arnica 200 for back pain or lumbago relief. Know more

Calci-H: This doctor Pranjali recommended kit fulfills your calcium and other mineral needs through two natural mineralizing sources (Calcarea Phosphorica or Calcium phosphate and Five Phos) in nature that ensure optimum body assimilation. Know more 

Homeopathy Medicines List for Spine Health

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