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Top Homeopathy Medicines List for Hormonal Imbalances in Women, Men

Hormonal imbalance treatment remedies in homeopathy

Why Homeopathy for Hormonal Imbalance?

The onset of hormonal imbalance in women particularly in the age of 40-50 years heralds a series of symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, muscle weakness, tender breasts etc.  This often leads to stress but each individual’s response to stress is different than others. Homeopathy picks up that individualistic character and prescribes on that.

For example after a prolonged period of grief a lady develops a character of staying absolutely reserved. She does not share her feelings with any one. She bottles up everything inside. Such cases Natrum Mur is the indicated remedy.

But if she comes with a tale tell face and the moment you ask about her health she will start weeping and can not stop at all. Here indicated remedy is Sepia.

Yet another case the lady becomes very aggressive, uses abusive language, can not tolerate any contradiction at all; then Lachesis is the indicated one.

* These remedies not only bring the psyche to normal but also the abnormal hormone to normal level. Since these are not the hormonal tablets hence DO NOT have any side effect. – Dr.Meeta

Doctor recommended Homeopathy Medicines for Hormonal imbalances in Men and Women

Dr. K S Gopi’s recommendations for Hormonal Imbalance in Homeopathy

Dr. K S Gopi is a former Professor, Govt. Homeopathic medical college, Kozhikode, Kerala, India. He has got four decades of teaching and research experiences in the field of Homoeopathy

Calcarea Carb 200 is suited to fat, flabby and fair persons, catch cold easily. Calcarea carb is effective for hypothyroidism due to hormonal imbalance. In ladies menses too early, too profuse and too long. Infertility with copious menses.

Conium Maculatum 200 is best for irregular menses due to hormonal imbalance in ladies. Menses irregular, too late and scanty, small red pimples appear before menses and disappear after menses. Breast enlarged and painful before and during menses. It is a good remedy for PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) due to Hormonal Imbalance.

Ignatia Amara 200 is a great remedy for mood changes due to hormonal imbalance particularly in ladies. There is emotional imbalance like sighing and sobbing, disappointments, weeping before menses. Suppressed menses due to grief.

Lachesis 200 is more effective for menopausal symptoms due to hormonal imbalance. Menopausal troubles like palpitations, hot flushes, hemorrhages, vertex headache, and fainting spells are seen.

Pulsatilla Nigricans 30 is a top grade Homeopathic medicine for PCOS resulting from hormonal imbalance. It is indicated when periods are irregular, suppressed or very scanty. The periods are also very painful in such cases. Acne from menstrual irregularities may also appear.

Sepia 30 is best for hormonal imbalance with irregular menses. The menstrual blood is scanty and late, early and profuse. Sharp clutching pain along with menses. The person experiences violent stitches upward in the vagina from uterus to umbilicus. Sepia is a good remedy for PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) due to hormonal imbalance. Hairs are seen on the face. Infertility due to PCOD. The uterus is weak and there is a dragging or bearing down sensation as if everything would escape through the vagina, to prevent this, the person must cross limbs. Sepia is a good remedy for menopausal symptoms due to hormonal imbalance. Sudden flushes of heat with weakness and sweat during menopause. Metrorrhagia at the time of menopause. Mania with profuse menses. Aversion to sex. Sex painful due to dryness of vagina, bleeding after. Sepia is suited to angry, sensitive and irritable persons, easily offended and miserable. This is seen more a few days before menses.

Nuphar Luteum Q is effective for hormonal imbalance in men with complete impotency. There is complete absence of sexual desire , parts relaxed, penis retracted. Impotency with involuntary emissions during stool and when urinating.

Lycopodium Clavatum 200 is best for hormonal imbalance in men with impotency. There is sexual exhaustion, impotence, erections feeble. The person falls asleep during sex. No erectile power, impotence. Premature seminal emission.

Selenium 30 is effective for hormonal imbalance in men with sexual weakness. There is loss of sexual power. The person has increased desire but decreased ability. Easy loss of semen with feeble erection. Irritability after sex. Involuntary emission during stool and urine. Hair fall from moustache, whiskers and from genitals.

Natrum Muriatiucm 200 is best for hair loss especially in women. Hair loss associated with hormonal imbalance, in PCOD. This remedy is effective for the affections of hair follicles. Hair falls, even a slightest touch on scalp. It is an effective remedy for hair loss after childbirth and after chronic headache.

Thyroidinum 200: Hair loss due hormonal imbalance, thyroid hormones.

Natural remedies for hormonal imbalance in females

Dr. Vikas Sharma recommends for hormonal imbalances in Women & Men

Dr.Vikas is a M.D In Homeopathy and practices at Mohali (chandigarh) for the last 2 decades. He is a columnist in Triubne, a daily newspaper

For Women

Menses: Pulsatilla and Sepia are top grade Homeopathic medicines for hormone imbalance leading to PCOS in women. If periods are very painful, Pulsatilla will heal the condition as one of the best Homeopathic medicines for hormone imbalance. Sepia is one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for hormone imbalance leading to PCOS with irregular periods

Emotional: Sepia and Lachesis are best Homeopathic medicines for hormone imbalance around menopause. Sepia for hot flushes, tiredness, indifferent attitude towards life/family, mood swings and irritability. Mental depression with aversion to meeting people and loss of interest in routine work are other signs to look out for prescription of Lachesis

PMS: Sepia, Ignatia and Conium are significant Homeopathic medicines for treating PMS from hormone imbalance

For Men

Sexual Weakness: For hormone imbalance in males with erectile dysfunction, Agnus Castus, Caladium and Lycopodium rate among the best. Top grade Homeopathic medicines for hormone imbalance in men resulting in low sex drive are Agnus Castus and Nuphar Luteum

Premature Hair Loss: Homeopathic medicines for hormone imbalance causing hair loss in men are Acid Phos and Selenium. Acid Phos is very effective among Homeopathic medicines for hormone imbalance where it leads to hair loss from the scalp, whiskers and genitals in men

Thyroid disorder: Well indicated Homeopathic medicines for hormone imbalance from under-functional thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) are Calcarea Carb and Sepia. Iodum and Natrum Mur are rated among the top Homeopathic medicines for hormone imbalance from a hyperactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism).

Dr.Mankad recommends for hormonal imbalances in Women

Dr.Mankad explains how effective is homeopathy in treating hormonal imbalances in ladies in her YouTube video titled “Hormonal imbalance | women |top homeopathic medicines“. She says that homeopathy not only addresses the symptoms of hormonal imbalance but associated disorders that may include emotional upheavals also

  1. Pulsatilla: One of the best homeopathic medicine for irregular menses.
  2. Sepia: For irregular menses with emotional disturbance, depressive state & PCOD.
  3. Lachesis: For menopause.
  4. Calc carb: For menstrual problems with gastric complaints, obesity, thyroid gland under active.
  5. Iodium & Natrum Muriaticum: For menstrual problems with Thyroid gland over active

4 types of hormones and their function chart

Dr.Ali recommends for hormonal imbalances

  1. Pulsatilla Q: For irregular menses.
  2. Sepia Q: For emotional disturbance during periods due to hormonal imbalance.
  3. Calc Carb 200: High stress level, PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and overweight,
  4. Iodium Q: For thyroid and weight loss due to hormonal imbalance.

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Best medicine for hormonal imbalance – depends on whether the medicine is indicated for hormonal balance in women or men. refer above homeopathy medicine list for the break up

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