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Lung Disease Treatment in Homeopathy, Top Medicines List

Lung disease is identified by common symptoms like cough, asthma, bronchitis, Inflammation and discomfort in Lungs. As per Doctors, Smoking, Allergies, Bacterial or Viral Infections, Sudden change in body temperature are among the most probable causes . If not treated properly, Lung Diseases may lead to Lung Cancer also known as lung carcinoma (uncontrolled cell growth in tissues of the lung)

Lung disease is also known by other names viz., Allergic bronchitis,  Shortness of breath, Altitude sickness, Disorders of Lungs,  Fefdon/Phefdon Ka rog, Asbestosis

Pulmonary sarcoidosis causes small lumps of inflammatory cells, called granulomas, in the lungs. Untreated pulmonary sarcoidosis can lead to permanent scarring in your lungs (pulmonary fibrosis), making it difficult to breathe. Know the homeopathy remedies

Top Herbal remedies for Lung Diseases

Lung Diseases can be cured  by following medicines

  • Elecampane (also called Inula Helenium in Homeopathy) – considered Super Effective
  • Lungwort, Mondo Grass,  Talinum Paniculatum, Yerba Mansa – considered Most Effective
  • Aerva Lanata, Alfatfa, Asafoetida – considered Highly Effective

Following remedis are also considered effective in Lung diseases:  Adenia cissampeloides (traditional African medicine), Adhatoda Vasica (known as Justicia Adhatoda in Homeopathy or Vasa in Ayurveda) Adiantum Capillus Veneris (maidenhair fern), Abscess Root Plant (expectorant (helps to relieve chest congestion), Afzelia Africana (afzelia, lenke), Allium karataviense (Turkestan Onion)

Indications of top herbal lung disease remedies and usage guide

  1. Lungwort is an incredible Herb that takes a good care of Lungs.Take 4 to 5 fresh Lungwort leaves. Boil it in a glass of Water for 10 minutes. Cool it. Strain and drink this tea twice a day. This will help in cleansing the Lungs.
  2. Oregano for Lung Diseases: Oregano is an aromatic Herb, has several medicinal values also. It is considered as Lungs cleanser. Its specialty is to detoxify the Lungs and expels the Phlegm from the Lungs. Add some dry or fresh oregano leaves to your meal. Oregano oil can also be used for Lung Congestion.
  3. Verbascum Thapsus for Lung Disorders: Verbascum Thapsus contains saponins which act as an expectorant. It clears excess of Phlegm from the Lungs. Make a tea of Fresh Leaves of Flowers. It will act as an expectorant and will clears the Lungs. Smoking steam of tea will help in Nasal congestion. Burn dried leaves and inhale the Smoke to get rid of nasal and lung congestion
  4. Thyme For Lung Diseases: Take a handful fresh leaves of Thyme. Boil it in water. Cool it. Strain and drink tea twice a day. It will detox your Lungs and prevent them from diseases Like Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Cald, Cough and Sore Throat. Inhaling the steam helps in giving relief from nasal congestion and Lungs Congestion.
  5. Lobetia for Lungs: Boil 5 to 10 fresh leaves of Lobelia in water. Inhale the steam 2 to 3 times in a day. It will melt the Thick mucus and expels it from the Lungs.
  6. Inula Helenium for Lung Congestion: Drink Inula Helenium Roots tea Twice a Day. It will help in Lung Congestion. Or Boil Roots and Inhale steam. This will also effect the Lungs and remove the excess of Phlegm from the Lungs.
  7. Plantago For Lungs: It is one of the Herbs that is used to make Cough Syrups. To get rid of Dry Cough and Lung Congestion, Drink Plantago Leaves decoction. Boil A handful leaves in water and drink twice a day.
  8. Polygonatum for Lung Diseases: Prepare an infusion by steeping Polygonatum roots in 150 ml of water. Strain it off. Drink this infusion two times a day to prevent Lung Diseases.
Pulmonary tuberculosis medicines in homeopathy
Dr.Vikas Sharma says ‘Homeopathy plays a supportive role in case of tuberculosis along with conventional treatment for managing its symptoms. Homeopathic medicines help to manage its signs and symptoms including mild breathing difficulty, cough, chest pain, fever, chills, night sweats, weight loss, appetite loss, fatigue and vomiting.’ Pulmonary tuberculosis, know the remedies with indications here

Top Homeopathic Medicine for Lung Disease

Inula or Elecampane is a traditional herbal remedy in both Indian and Chinese system of traditional medicine for treating respiratory distress. It is also indicated in materia medica (Boericke) as a mucous membrane medicine for a range of respiratory  ailments


  • General Name Elecampane
  • English Name Yellow Starwort
  • Botanical Name Inula Helenium
  • Hindi Name Pushkaraula
  • Homeopathic Name Inula Helenium – Mother Tincture
  • Elecampane Cures

This medicine is considered super effective in Bronchitis(Inflammation of the lining of bronchial tubes, which carry air to and from the lungs),  Chest Congestion (accumulation of mucus in the lungs and lower breathing tubes), Phlegm(type of mucus produced in the lungs)  and other Lung Diseases

Action of Elecampane

Most Effective:  Expectorant (a medicine which promotes the secretion of sputum by the air passages, used to treat coughs)

Effective: Alterant, Alterative,  Analgesic

Nutrients in Elecampane

Highly Effective: Inulin (for high blood fats), Sesquiterpenes (compounds  known for their calming properties and they also can be supportive to the immune system),

Effective: Alantol, Beta Carotene, Calcium

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About Elecampane (Inula Helenium) General

Elecampane is an aromatic stimulant and tonic. Elecampane stimulates the Brain, Kidneys, Stomach and Uterus. It works slowly and strengthens the Respiratory system and Lungs. In Chinese medication and Indian Ayurveda, it is known to treat Respiratory problems like Shortness of Breath, Bronchitis and asthma.

It is Expectorant in nature. It the best remedy for Chest diseases. It is the most effective herb for treating Chronic Cough. particularly the one caused by Tuberculosis. The herb has a warming impact on Lungs.

The root of Elecampane possesses Diuretic, Stimulant, Diaphoretic and Expectorant property. The root is widely used as a treatment for Cold, Chest Congestion, Arthritis, Rheumatism and Bronchial conditions. It promotes longevity of Lung tissues and strengthens weak Lungs. It clears phlegm from Lungs and dissolves mucoid matter from Liver and Digestive organs. It compares well with Antimonium Tartaricum. It combines well with Mullein and Licorice.

The Elecampane root is used to strengthen Spleen and Stomach. It promotes flow of energy, alleviates pain for symptoms of fullness, Distention and pain of Chest and Abdomen.

It helps in maintaining a healthy Digestive System. It also cures worms in the Stomach.

The roots and rhizome of the herb have potent healing, Antiseptic and Relaxant properties. Elecampane possesses Ulcer healing properties. It also possesses

Antibacterial action against infectious organisms.

A decoction prepared from roots of Elecampane is used to treat conditions like Bronchitis, problems associated with upper Respiratory Tract and gives relief

from symptoms of Hay Fever. The decoction acts as a digestive stimulant and refreshment for the Liver.

The tincture prepared with the roots of Elecampane cures Body weakness and Chronic Respiratory problems.

The decoction made from Elecampane roots and tincture is used as a wash to cure Eczema, rashes and Varicose veins.

A syrup is made from the sliced roots of herb in sugar solution. Syrup made from the decoction eases Cough.


Inula Helenium as per Boericke Materia Medica

Also known as Scabwort. It is a mucous membrane medicine. Bearing-down sensations in pelvic organs and bronchial symptoms are most marked. Substernal pain. Diabetes.

Head.–Vertigo on stooping; throbbing after eating, pressure in temples and forehead.

Respiratory.–Dry cough; worse at night and lying down; larynx painful. Chronic bronchitis; cough, with much thick expectoration, with languor and weak digestion. Stitches behind sternum. Teasing cough with much and free expectoration. Palliative in tubercular laryngitis.

Female.–Menses too early and painful. Labor-like pains; urging to stool; dragging in genitals, with violent backache. Itching of legs during menses, chattering of teeth from cold during menstruation. Moving about in abdomen, stitches in genitals. Chronic metritis.

Rectum.–Pressing toward rectum as of something extruding.

Urinary.–Frequent urging to urinate; passes only in drops. Violet odor (Tereb).

Extremities.–Pain in right shoulder and wrist; tearing in left palm, unable to double fingers; pain in lower limbs, feet and ankles.

Relationship.–Compare: Crocus; Ignatia; Arum dracontium (loose cough worse at night on lying down).

Dose.–First to third potency.

Other Questions related to Lung Disease Treatment in Homeopathy that people often search

Homeopathic medicine for increasing oxygen: If you are facing breathlessness due to fall in Oxygen saturation levels from the normal levels (80 and 100 mm Hg) during sleep or in elderly orinchildren then certain homeopathic medicines can help. Dr.Bakshi B66 Homeopathy drops is indicated for Body Shock, Syncope, Fainting and Breathlessness. Adel 10 deasth drops  is well indicated for drop in oxygen due breath loss from bronchospasm (inflammation of airways). Schwabe Alpha RC controls spasmodic contraction of lungs causing dyspnoea and ease all the symptoms of catarrh. Ipecacuanha is ideal for breathlessness and difficult breathing due to cough that comes in fits. Bakson Astha Aid Tablets is indicated for Cough, Wheezing & Breathlessness

R57 homeopathic medicine uses : Dr.Reckeweg R57 drops is beneficial for lung affections, chest congestions and pulmonary diseases (like pneumonia, tuberculosis). Indicated symptoms are weakness of the back, nocturnal perspiration, sensitivity to colds, disturbances of the blood circulation (cold feet), lack of appetite, paleness and limpid aspect of the face, following upon loss of blood. R57 exerts influence on the bronchial mucous membranes and stimulates endogenous immune response.

Homeopathic medicine for shortness of breath: Difficulty in breathing is called dyspnea. Shortness of breath, breathlessness, and labored breathing are other terms used to describe dyspnea. Arsenic Album is a top grade medicine for dyspnea for a patient with asthma, Antimonium Tart & Ipecac for Dyspnea Accompanied by Cough, Ammonium Carb & Stannum Met for Dyspnea While Walking, Lachesis & Grindelia for Dyspnea during Sleep, Carbo Veg & Silicea for Dyspnea In Elderly People. Some effective medicines for dyspnea with heart problems are Digitalis, Iberis, and Viscum Album

Homeopathy for cough :Very effective medicines for a dry cough which occurs in spasms, or a spasmodic dry cough, are Cocculus Indicus and Antimonium Crudum. The most effective medicines for a dry cough in children are Chamomilla, Senega, and Squilla. Caladium and Nux Vomica are top grade Homeopathic medicines for cough in smokers. Conium Maculatum is useful for a nocturnal/night time cough.  Antimonium Tart works very well in cases of rattling cough. Ipecac is a suitable medicine for a cough with difficult expectoration. Corallium Rubrum is for cough that results from PND (post nasal dripping). Check out the Homeopathy Cough medicine list here

Homeopathic medicine for lung fibrosis: Homeopathy medicines for various symptoms of lung fibrosis are; Bryonia, Drosera, and Stannum Metallicum for a dry, hacking cough with a sharp pain in the sides of the chest. Bryonia for shallow breathing, Aconite for stitching pain in chest, Argentum Nitricum for cough in Pleurisy

Homeopathic medicine to strengthen lungs : Arsenicum Album is good to treat weak lungs with shortness of breath that gets worse at night time, wheezing from the chest, sensation of contraction or tightness of chest. Spongia Tosta helps weakened lungs with sharp whistling in the chest, noisy breathing. Drosera for deep, hoarse, barking Cough and croup. Antimonium Tart for rattling cough and laboured breathing due to drop in efficiency of lungs.

Homeopathic medicine for phlegm in Throat: Antimonium Tart is useful for persons who have excessive rattling of mucus in the chest. They feel chest is congested and full of phlegm, but very little is expectorated. The expectoration is scanty, thick, white, or yellow in color. Silicea is an ideal choice when a person has a yellow expectoration. Pulsatilla when greenish mucus is expectorated that is copius. Natrum Mur is helpful when white phlegm is expectorated. It has a salty taste. Kali bich is suitable when thick, viscid, ropy mucus is expectorated that can be drawn in long strings.

Homeopathy for Pneumonia : Homeopathic treatment for pneumonia is beneficial in providing not only symptomatic relief but treat the inflammation of the alveoli of the lung. In each case of pneumonia, homeopathic medicines need to be carefully selected based upon the individual symptoms. Highly effective remedies for treating pneumonia are Bryonia, Arsenic Album, Phosphorus, Antimonium Tart, Hepar Sulph, Ipecac, Carbo Veg, and Senega.

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