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Compendious on Spongia Tosta; indications, benefits, side effects

Spongia tosta medicine is derived from roasted sponge and is remedy of choice by doctors for croupy, barking cough. It is known for its marked action on the respiratory organs, and for heart conditions marked by Valvular insufficiency (also called mitral valve, a condition in which your heart’s mitral valve doesn’t close tightly, allowing blood to flow backward in your heart), Angina pectoris (chest pain or discomfort due to coronary heart disease)

The leading characteristic of Spongia Tosta

  1. Heart troubles : Associated with palpitation, dyspnoea (or breathlessness), marked anxiety, fear of death; waking up suddenly at night in fright with suffocation and being unable to lie down on bed; cardiac dyspnoea, worse lying down, warm room, better from warm drinks; rheumatic endocarditis (inflammation of heart covering) with hypertrophy (enlargement) of heart; angina pectoris (chest pain due to chronic heart condition) worse from ascending, motion, at night.
  2. Severe forms of Asthma: With dryness of respiratory passages; dry throat, dry larynx, dry trachea and dry bronchi; seldom rattling; whistling and wheezing; at times great dyspnoea, difficult expectoration, which has to be swallowed; with headache; bending forward ameliorates.
  3. Goitre, Hyperthyroidism (excess functioning of thyroid gland): Eyes protruding with heart symptoms; with palpitation, dyspnoea on exertion, with contracting pains, faintness, anxiety, worse in warm room; suffocative paroxysms (sudden recurrence) at night.
  4. Sore throat after eating sweet things.
  5. Croup: with anxiety, wheezing, worse during inspiration; worse at midnight, no exudation, but infiltration.
  6. Cough: Dry, barking, rasping, ringing, wheezing, whittling; from dry cold air; worse from cold water; better from warm food and warm drinks; every mental excitement aggravates cough; worse from talking, singing, smoking.
  7. Orchitis (inflammation of testicles): After gonorrhoea or maltreated orchitis.
  8. Aphonia (voice loss): from exposure to cold (Acon, Hep, Phos.).
  9. Ailments: with dyspnoea on lying on left side; must lie on right side with head high.
  10. 10.Tubercular laryngitis with hoarseness.

spongia tosta homeopathy medicines list

The Spongia Tosta patient profile

  • Head/mind – the patient suffers anxiety, rush of blood upon excitement accompanied by cough.  There is exhaustion and heaviness of the body after slight exertion.
  • Respiratory – croupy cough due to dryness of air-passages, voice is hoarse. Cough  appears barking in nature, spot emanating deep within chest, as if raw and sore. Patient cannot speak properly due to weakness of chest. Wheezing with bronchial catarrh,  asthmatic cough which tends to worsen from cold air, with suffocation and profuse expectoration. This situation is worse when lying with head low and in hot room. Chest feels oppressed accompanied by  heat , with sudden weakness
  • Heart – the patient suffers palpitation which is intense, awakens him suddenly in the midnight, cannot lie down but better by sitting.  The heart tends to Hypertrophy (hardening of heart, especially right) with asthmatic symptoms
  • Skin – appears swollen due to swelling & induration of glands (loss of elasticity and pliability), itching, prone to measles. Goiter. Tongue dry & brown, sore which is worse after eating

Spongia Tosta homeopathic medicine; drug benefits, medicinal uses, side effects

Cough Hollow cough, cough at night. Check Reckeweg R9 drops
Hoarseness, larynx dry, burns, constricted. Cough incessant and violent with every breath. Chest seems full of phlegm but does not yield to coughing. Check Omeo Cough Medicated Syrup
Cough, dry, barking, croupy, croup, worse, during inspiration and before midnight. Check Dr.Bakshi B33 Cough Drops
Obesity with thyroid disorders shows a special organ tropic and regulating relationship to the lymphatic glands, the thyroid and the heart, where it specially acts with its ingredient iodum against atheromatese developments in the vessels. Check Adel 13 fattex drops
Highly stimulates the function of the thyroid glands. Goiter with suffocative spells, worse touching neck or pressure or pains with heart. Thyroid gland swollen, even with the chin. Check Dr Bakshi B28 Weight Drops
Inflammation and glandular enlargement, especially of thyroid. Swelling becomes hard, indurated. Check Allen A52 drops
Obesity with thyroid disorders. Check Allen Slimaforte Tonic

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