Lords TOXKURE-Homeopathic medicine for Smoking Cessation, Alcoholism

Lords TOXKURE Homeopathic medicine for Smoking cessation, alcoholism, nicotine addiction, alcohol withdrawal symptoms

Lords Toxkure is an ideal homeopathic formula to reduce the toxic and after affects of nicotine (smoking cessation) and alcohol. It also acts as an effective antidote drug to reduce the toxicity generated by other allied strong medications.

Regular use of Toxkure has been clinically proven to reduce the craving for alcohol and tobacco


About Addiction: 

  1. More than 20% of the population is either addicted to alcohol, tobacco, pan masala or narcotic substance like cannabis
  2. At a mental level  addiction affects the way we think and feel, and how we live our daily life. Addict is psychologically in denial and will do just about anything to justify the bad behavior. They have a difficult time suppressing their negative emotions

Alcohol and drug addiction affects the whole family and the family members are affected in different ways, especially the person who loves the addict and enables the addiction. The enabler should be the rescuer of the addicted person and take initial steps to overcome it.  However if the enabler is in a denial mode or as long as the problem is ignored, the addiction will only deteriorate because the problem has not been  recognized.  This runs rampant in homes where addiction is fed.

Addicts are afraid to even think of living without the addiction because the addiction has taken hold of the mind completely and is deep rooted. This when addicts try to stop the habit  their bodies and mind misleads them to believe they cant

Ingredients: Lords Toxkure drops Contains: Strychnin. Nit 3D, Avena Sat, Querecus Gland, Spiritus 2D, Kalmegh, Caladium 3D, Daphne Indica 2D, Excipients Q .S Alcohol 46.6 % V/V.

Dosage:Take 15 to 20 drops of Lords TOXKURE diluted with half tablespoon of water taken twice daily. in acute cases to be taken four times daily.

Size: Lords TOXKURE comes in a 30ML sealed bottle

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Other similar Homeopathic remedies for smoking cessation (quit) are : Reckeweg R77 Drops, Schwabe Daphne Indica ,Wheezals detoxin, Baksons Go-Tox drops

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