Homeopathic Orthopedic drops from Dr.Reckeweg for joint/back pain

Reckeweg Homeopathy Orthopaedic drops R11, R30, R34, R46, R55, R63, R69, R71, R73

Dr.Reckeweg Orthopedic medicines, German homeopathic formula for natural treatment of the musculoskeletal system, safe and side effect free remedy for pain and swelling of joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles and bones ailments. Buy online at top homeopathy medicine online store

R11 Back pain drops

R30 Rheuma ointment

R34 – Recalcifying drops

R46 – Pain forearms and hands, R55 – injuries healing drops

R63 – Cramps & numbness in muscles

R69 – pain between the ribs

R71 -Sciatica drops

R73-Joint pain drops

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