Buy HC-53 Eosino Complex Tablets for Eosinophilia from Haslab

HC-53 Eosino Complex Tablets for Eosinophilia

About: Parasitic diseases and allergic reactions to medication are among the more common causes of eosinophilia which usually account for less than 7% of the circulating leukocytes. When the body wants to attack a substance, such as an allergy-triggering food or airborne allergen, eosinophils respond by moving into the area and releasing a variety of toxins. However, when the body produces too many eosinophils, they can cause chronic inflammation resulting in tissue damage (called eosinophilic disorder)

HC-53 Eosino Complex Tablets Indications: Asthmatic cough and quick respiration, profuse expectoration, extreme weakness. Expectoration profuse large quantities of mucus, immediately on lying down, better by sitting, inclined head towards chest, worse by motion. Excess of eosinophil cells in blood.

Ingredients/Composition: HC-53 Eosino Complex Tablets for Eosinophilia Contains: Natrum Sulph, Kali Sulph, Ferrum Phos, Arsenic, Alb

Dosage: Adults 2 tab, 3-4 times daily for prolong period

Size: 20 gm/450 gm

Manufacturer: Hahnemann Scientific Laboratory (india)

Rate/Price: Rs 60 (10% off, Buy Online!!)

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    1. Patients suffering from chronic Pulmonary eosinophilia are usually put on steroids but when its discontinued in the first 6 months of therapy relapses occur. Homeopathic medicines do not have any such implications. Pls take the recommended dosage of HC-53 until improvement sets in or as advised by your doctor

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