Buy Bioforce AG Swiss Blooume-39 Bio Koff syrup. Cough Medicine

Bio Koff syrup for acute and chronic cough. Swiss cough medicine

Bioforce Blooume 39 Bio Koff Syrup is a swiss homeopathic formulation indicated for symptoms associated with acute and chronic cough.

About Cough Treatment: Things you need to know

There are many types of cough medications with different action; expectorants (increase mucous, phlegm and works by loosening, thinning it), antitussives (suppress cough), antihistamines (mild sedation), decongestants (relieve nasal congestion)
Many over-the-counter (OTC) cough treatments mix a suppressant and expectorant with medicines to cover other symptoms. That could include an a decongestant, antihistamine and a pain reliever. This mixture can be a good thing if you have a range of cold symptoms, like coughs, body aches, and congestion. The flipside is that you may get medicine you don’t need.
Camphor and Menthol are natural treatments which you rub on your throat and chest if in ointment form . You can also get them in liquid form to use with a vaporizer, a gadget that makes steam you can breathe in Their strong-smelling vapors may ease your cough and open up your stuffy head but not recommended for children
Cough suppressants and antihistamines are used to dry up coughs, so don’t use them along with a mucus-loosening medicine. Drinking up to 8 glasses of water a day is another way to thin mucus. 
Direct expectorants are also used to dissolve coughs and they work by inhaling steam from hot water to which certain herbs, such as eucalyptus, ginger and chamomile have been added
Honey is not a very useful cough treatment contrary to popular belief, a Cochrane review found that it was no better than a placebo. On the downside Honey’s use as a cough treatment has been linked on several occasions to infantile botulism and as such should not be used in children less than one year old.
An expectorant is often one of the ingredients and works by loosening thinning it and clearing mucus and phlegm from the lungs, bronchi, and trachea. When giving kids an expectorant, administer it on its own.
Regular allopathic medications are contra indicated for BP and depression and not safe. Dextromethorphan can affect drugs that treat depression. Also, some combination cold and cough medicines contain decongestants, which can raise your blood pressure.

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Action of Blooume 39 on Cough relief
Reduces cough with rattling of mucus in chest.
Acts as an expectorant.
Reduces dry cough aggravated by inhaling cold air
Helps in chronic suffocative cough with profuse expectoration
Reduces cough with hoarseness.
Reduces violent paroxysms of cough which follow each other rapidly.

Ingredients: Blooume 39 Bio Koff Syrup contains: Anfimonium Tartaricum 12x, Drosera Rotundifolia Q, Hedera Helix 3x, Mentha Piperfta Q, Spongia Tosta 12x, Zingiber Q.

Action of individual ingredients in Blooume 39 Bio Koff Syrup

Anfimonium Tartaricum 12x: Reduces cough with rattling of mucus in chest.
Drosera Rotundifolia Q: Reduces violent paroxysms of cough which follow each other rapidly.
Hedera Helix 3x: Acts as an expectorant.
Mentha Piperfta Q: Reduces dry cough aggravated by Inhaling cold air.
Spongia Tosta 12x: Helps in chronic suffocative cough with profuse
Zingiber Q: Reduces cough with hoarseness.

Dosage;Adultsone tablespoon, 3-4 times daily. Children: half the adult dose, or as directed by the physician.


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