Buy Dr.Bakshi B2 Stomach Homeopathy drops for Gastritis, Ulcers

Dr.Bakshi B2 Stomach Homeopathy drops for Gastritis, Ulcers

Dr.Bakshi B2 Stomach drops is indicated to help relieve symptoms of acute and chronic gastritis like flatulence, ulceration, dyspepsia and heartburn. Dr.Bakshi’s homeopathic liquid preparation for treatment of Gastritis

Gastritis is an inflammation of the lining of the stomach and has many possible causes. Gastritis can be caused by alcoholism, Prolonged use of non steroids anti inflammatory drugs or infection with Helicobacter phylori, major surgery, traumatic injury/burns. It presents with abdominal pain and bloating, belching and dyspepsia.

Ingredients: Dr.Bakshi B2 Stomach drops contains: Anacardium 6x , Argentum nitr. 6x, Arsenic alb. 4x, Atropinum 6x, Carbo. Veg 8x, Chamomila 2x, Chelidonium maj. 3x, Lycop 5x, Scrophularia nod.6x.

Mode of action of Individual ingredients:
Anacardium: Dyspepsia relieved by eating, weak digestion with fullness and distention.
Argentum nitr: Belching accompanying gastric ailments.
Aresenic alb: Nausea, retching, vomittingafter eating or drinking.
Atropinum: Spasmodic pain in epigastrium, constriction, nausea & vomiting.
Carbo Veg: Eructation after eating and drinking, waterbrash.
Chamomilla: ricing acis, regurgation of food, bitter bilious vomit.
Chelidonium maj: For Gastralgia, hepatic syndromes.
Lycopodium: Dyspepsia, excessive hunger.
Scrophularia mod: Colic below navel.

Dr.Bakshi B2 Stomach drops series of liquid preparations are indicated for healing several diseases while alleviating or mitigating the symptoms of others. This liquid form of medicine absorbs better and acts faster than globule medicine.

Dr.Bakshi B2 Stomach drops Dosage: 10-15 drops should be diluted in water and taken 3 times a day. In acute cases take the dose 2 hourly, 6 times a day.

Size:Dr.Bakshi B2 Stomach drops comes in 30ML

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