Drox-16 High Tone for High Blood Pressure

Drox-16 High Tone for High Blood Pressure

Drox-16 High Tone for High Blood Pressure is a specific disease wise drops from Hanemann scientific laboratory (India). This is a genuine, original and pure homeopathic medicine from Hahnemann scientific Laboratory India (HSI).

High blood pressure i e more than systolic 140 and diastolic 90 mm of mercury constantly.Hyperaemia of brain,surging of blood to head and heart,congestive headaches,dark spots in front of eyes,flushing of face,arterio-sclerosis with high systolic pressure.

Haslab’s Drox-16 High Tone is a well balanced composition of homeopathic ingredients like Glonoin, Viscum Alb, Rauvolfiaserp, Baryata Mur.

Dosage: In acute cases 10-15 drops in water every two hourly.Then 5 to 10 drops 3 times daily as maintenance dose

Size: 30ml

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3 thoughts on “Drox-16 High Tone for High Blood Pressure”

  1. I am continously taking DROX-16 since last one and half month. Blood pressure is controlled . Currently i am taking 20 drops two times a day. But I wanted to know that for how much time i will have to take this medicine and what are side effects of this medicine. One good answer will be highly appreciable.

    1. Good to hear that your BP is in control since you started Drox 16. It will require a detailed examination of your case to advise on the line of treatment. It is best advised to consult your doctor since they have a better picture of your constitution and can advise you to either continue the same dosage or taper off gradually.

    2. Keep taking it for a 3 months and have a gap of a a week and start again like this. It does not have any side effects

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