Dr.Reckeweg R32 drops for Hyperhidrosis treatment(excessive sweating)

Dr. Reckeweg R32 homeopathy drops for Hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration), too much sweat

Dr.Reckeweg R32 drops is indicated for the treatment of excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis) which is accompanied by bad smell or odor. Its active ingredient, Acid nitric, Belladona kali carbon & Jaborandi, ensures it is an effective antiperspirant to control severe excessive sweating. It contains sepia that treats climacteric sweating.

Introduction Among the causes of excessive sweating include exercise, hot weather, alcohol, cancer, intake of caffeine, stressful or emotional situations, low blood sugar, infections etc. Perspiration refers to fluid production by the sweat glands of the skin. It is also known as diaphoresis or sweating. Perspiration is mostly a process of thermoregulation that is achieved by excretion of salty water. Sweat rate in adult can be 10 to 14 liters per day. Perspiration serves two purposes i.e. removing waste products like ammonia and urea from the body and cooling down the temperature of body. Thus perspiration serves the important mechanism of controlling body temperature. Perspiration is controlled by autonomic nervous system. Amount of sweating depends on the number of sweat glands present. It is considered that men have less and more active sweat glands then women.

About Dr.Reckeweg R 32 drops is commonly indicated for causes of excessive sweating and is a homeopathic medicine with a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs and available in drops form. It has key ingredients like acidum nitric., belladonna etc that acts on undue perspiration (hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating) and climacteric flushing (menopause) with sweat. It is also indicated for excessive sweating at the time of infectious diseases and fever, unpleasant smell during perspiration and nocturnal perspiration along with exhaustion. It addresses cold, hot or sticky sweat.Check out Dr. Reckeweg R32 drops in Hindi language here

Why Dr.Reckeweg R32 drops drops for Hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration)?
> Natural Antiperspirant formula for problem sweating and odour. German formula for hyperhidrosis
> Homeopathic remedy at preventing sweat and eliminating body odor
> Sweat spots & odor can be embarrassing, treat it constitutionally with homeopathic R32
> External application like Roll-On’s, spray or pads provide only temporary superficial relief. Get permanent constitutional treatment for lasting remedy

Dr.Reckeweg R32 drops for hyperhidrosis is a German specialty homeopathy medicine also known by the name of Antihidrosin

Indications: Dr.Reckeweg R32 drops drops is indicated for excessive sweating or perspiration disorders (hyperhidrosis of varying genesis) climacteric flushing (menopausal condition that causes feelings of warmth and rapid reddening of your neck, upper chest, or face with sweat. Excessive perspiration during acute infectious diseases and fever. Other forms of perspiration with unpleasant smell. Nocturnal (night time) perspiration with exhaustion (pre-turbeculous cases). Both hot or cold sweat that may be sticky

INGREDIENTS: Dr.Reckeweg R32 drops for causes of excessive sweating contains: Acidum Nitric. D12, Belladonna D12, Jaborandi D4, Kalium Carbon. D6, Salvia Offic. D30, Sambucus Nig. D4. Sanguinaria D6, Sepia D30, Veratrum D12, Lachesis D30.

How the ingredients in Dr.Reckeweg R32 drops work? The key properties in Dr.Reckeweg R32 drops are derived from the following ingredients to treat causes of excessive sweating
Acidum nitric. – treats body odour
Belladonna – treats hot sweat with vapour.
Jaborandi – treats hyperhidrosis of varying genesis.
Kalium carbon. – it treats weakness between shoulders blades, sweating etc.
Salvia offic. – treats causes of excessive sweating and acts against night sweating.
Sambucus nig. – it treats perspiration during the acute diseases of different kinds.
Sanguinaria – treats flushes with the outbreaks of sweating.
Sepia – treats climacteric flushing
Veratrum alb. – treats cold sweat and (severe pain in the abdomen)

Why is R32 considered safe & effective?
The effectiveness of Dr.Reckweg remedies lies in the carefully selected ingredients in accordance with the principles of homeopathy. These are pure and pass the pharmacopoeia monographs for various parameters to meet the intended desired biochemical action and achieve therapeutic results. Antidote has been avoided since this is achieved by the compensating effects of its balanced composition. The application of Dr.Reckeweg biological remedies is not a one sided principles but an attempt to awaken the healing forces in the organism. This is important in the recovery process especially in chronic cases

DOSAGE: As a prolonged cure 3 to 4 times a day 10 to 15 drops of Dr.Reckeweg R32 will be taken in some water. in cases intermittent perspiration (i.e. flushing, nocturnal sweat) frequent, eventually prophylactic doses, e.g. in nocturnal perspiration several doses, at an interval of 1/4 hour, of 10 to 15 drops of Dr.Reckeweg R 32 . If perspiring occurs in the early part of the night the same dosage will hold. One can wash in cold water to which vinegar will possibly have been added, followed by rubbing with a dilution of Hamamelis extract. Also to be recommended are lime baths and treatment with Sauna. To be shunned are toxic agents like synthetic colouring, pork and kindred eatables.

SIZE: Dr.Reckeweg R32 drops comes in 22 ML Sealed Bottle

General Indications for Dr.Reckeweg R32 drops
The self-healing powers of the body during an illness are triggered by the biological homeopathic specialties of Dr. Reckeweg and Co.Gmbh, Bensheim, which acts as a specific stimulus in treatment.
The pharmaceutical properties of each of the individual ingredients complement one another in their effect on the individual symptoms and illness (stage)
The indicated quantity of Dr.Reckeweg R32 drops should be taken before meals with some water unless otherwise prescribed by doctor. Medicines indicated for external use should be applied to the affected area and gently rubbed until absorbed by skin.

Contra Indication for Dr.Reckeweg R32 drops
The medication (Dr.Reckeweg R32 drops) should not be taken if patient develops any hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients
Generally medications should not be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding unless prescribed by a doctor
Pls keep medications out of reach from children.
Homeopathic medications should be kept out of direct light and stored at a constant temperature, not over 30 degree Centigrade (86 degree F)
This being a natural product, it may sometime precipitate slightly or become cloudy, but this does not affect the quality and effectiveness of the product. If this happens, shake the product well before using.
Once you break open the seal, medications should be used up quickly.

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21 thoughts on “Dr.Reckeweg R32 drops for Hyperhidrosis treatment(excessive sweating)”

  1. Hello, I have hyperhydrosis in hands and feet from almost childhood. Now I am 21, can I gets free from hyperhydrosis. Please help me.

    1. You are suffering from a chronic form of hyperhidrosis. People with primary hyperhidrosis generally sweat from a certain type of sweat gland called eccrine sweat glands. Whereas sweating that can be attributed to an underlying medical condition, is called secondary hyperhidrosis. The present remedy R32 will act in cases of sweat and the different kinds of perspiration which accompany illness.

    1. हाँ सर यह शरीर से अत्यधिक पसीने के लिए संकेत दिया जाता है। यह एक होम्योपैथिक दवा है जो सुरक्षित और साइड इफेक्ट मुक्त है

  2. hi sir,i am tatwa sir mujye face per bahut pasina ata he.so can i use this medicine . yes ka koi sideeffect hai kya?

    1. शरीर के कुछ हिस्सों जैसे चेहरे और बगल पसीने के गठन के लिए अधिक प्रवण होते हैं। हाँ इस परिस्थिति के लिए इस दवा की सिफारिश की जाती है

    1. यह दवा अत्यधिक पसीने के लिए संकेत दिया जाता है, अपने डॉक्टर के परामर्श से संकेतित खुराक लें

  3. i am using for two weeks but it didnt work for me but i am still using for any better outcome results in future

    1. हां हम बिहार सहित पूरे भारत में पहुंचे

  4. Sir mere hath pav mai se 10 saal se paseena aa raha hai kiya mai r32 homiyopethic dawai le sakta hoo

    1. विभिन्न कारणों से आप अधिक पसीना ग्रस्त हो सकते हैं; यह शरीर में संक्रमण, तंत्रिका की समस्याएं, बीमारियां आदि हो सकती है। कुछ लोग नींद के दौरान पसीना बहाते हैं जबकि अन्य दिन चर्य में । आर.३२ इस स्तिथि के लिए संकेत है

  5. Sir, m suffering from Cold excessive sweating in hands and feets. I have done my all tests at PGIMER chandigarh but they said there is no organic cause of hyperhidrosis. So sir please suggest me can this medicine will work for me. plz reply On my mail

    1. Hi vishal, i am also suffering from whole boby sweating and feeling very tired all the time.. Will you plz guide me which doctor is good in PGIMER and tell me about all the tests from which it diagnose that i have hyperhidrosis problem.. Please help me sir i am in very much trouble..

    2. Mr .Vishal go for it ,it works .it’s been only 2 days of taking this medicine and it has controlled my palm and sole sweating very significantly.

      1. Hi i am tuntun I am suffering from sweating palm and sole and felling very nervous so please suggested for medicine

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