Adel 4 Apo-RHEUM Drops for Arthritis, Muscle and Joint Pain

German homeopathic medicine for rheumatoid arthritis

Adel 4 apo RHEUM homeopathic medicine for arthritis (including osteoarthritis), muscle and joint pains. Indicated for gout, low back pain, cervical spondylosis, sprains/sports injuries; tennis elbow.

Introduction The family of illness causing inflammation, redness, pain and swelling in joints and other body parts can be termed as rheumatic diseases. Rheumatic disorder or rheumatism refers to the problems that affect the connective tissues or joints. Arthritis include osteoarthritis also known as degenerative arthritis have same symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis like pain, swelling, warmth and stiffness. Osteoarthritis is caused due to reduction in normal amount of the cartilage tissue through wear and tear conditions. Other rheumatic diseases include gout, rheumatoid arthritis etc. Osteoarthritis is the result of wear and tear where as other rheumatic diseases are the problems related to the immune system.

Adel 4 drops resolve painful, inflammatory sensations caused by soft tissue rheumatism.

About Adel 4 apo-RHEUM drops is homeopathic medicine to treat symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis through a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs (available in drops). It has key Ingredients like arnica montana, bryonia cretica etc that act on arthritis ( painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints), degeneration of joint cartilage and the underlying bone that causes pain and stiffness, especially in the hip, knee, and thumb joints (osteoarthritis) and inflammation and pain in the joints, muscles, or fibrous tissue (rheumatism). It is also indicated for joint and muscle pains, defective metabolism of uric acid causes arthritis (gout), low back pain, cervical spondylosis or cervical osteoarthritis (deterioration of the vertebrae and discs in the neck), sports injuries and inflammation of the tendons of the elbow (tennis elbow).

INGREDIENTS: Adel 4 apo-RHEUM drops for symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis contains: Arnica Montana 6x, Bryonia Creatica 6x, Colchicum Autumnale 4x, Gnaphalium Obtusifolium 4x, Guajacum 6x, Lachnanthes Tinctoria 4x, Solanum Dulcamara 4x, Taraxacum Officinale 4x,

How the ingredients in Adel 4 apo-RHEUM drops work The key properties in Adel 4 apo-RHEUM drops are derived from the following ingredients to treat symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis

Arnica montana – it helps in proper circulation, normalizes high blood pressure, exhaustion, weakness etc.

Bryonia cretica – treats tearing, drawing and stitching pains in muscles. It also treats inflammation in muscles, gout and rheumatism of joints and limbs.

Colchicum autumnale – treats inflammatory indigestion of stomach and intestinal disturbances. It also treats gout and arthritic conditions in lower part of the back (lumbar region) and small joints.

Gnaphalium obstusifolium – treats sciatica (pain affecting the back, hip, and outer side of the leg), lumbago (pain in the muscles and joints of the lower back) that is accompanied by shooting pains and numbness in arms, calves and legs.

Guajacum – treats symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis such as suppressed infections and resolves gout processes in all joints and muscles. It also treats lameness and stabbing pains in joints accompanied by the shortening of tendons.

Lachnanthes tinctoria – treats neuralgic rheumatism accompanied by stiffness, pains and cramps in neck and other body parts.

Solanum dulcamara – treats paralyzed and stiffness feeling, pain in nerves (neuralgia) and muscle rheumatism. It also treats the muscle tears and pulls.

Taraxacum officinale – treats the stabbing rheumatic pains. It helps in stimulating liver and improves the excretion by kidneys that enables the body to eliminate metabolic wastes. It enhances the effectiveness of other ingredients in the product.

DOSAGE: Adults 15 to 20 drops of Adel 4 apo-RHEUM, Children 7 to 10 drops of Adel 4 apo-RHEUM, 3 times a day in 1/4 Cup of water.

SIZE: Adel 4 apo-RHEUM drops comes in 20ML sealed Bottle

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