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Germany Homeopathic remedy for inflammation treatment of various causes and symptoms. Treats chronic swelling safely without any side effects.

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  • Dr. Reckeweg R1 Inflammation drops, Abscesses, Adenoids, Adnexitis, appendicitis, Arthritis, Boil, Carbuncle, Cholangitis, Cholecystitis, Chronic appendicitis, Conjunctivitis, Inflammation of dental root, Empyema, Furunculosis, Hepatitis, Lymphadenitis, Lymphangitis, Mastitis, Oteoporosis, Ovarian cyst, Panaritium, Paraesthesias, Parotitis, Phlegmon, Prostatits, Quinsy, acute Rheumatoid arthritis, Scarlet fever, Sinustitis, Tonsillar hypertrophy, Tonsillitis,

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