Urethral Stricture Treatment without Surgery. Clematis Erecta Homeopathy Medicine

Urethral stricture treatment without surgery top Urethral stricture treatment Medicine

Looking for Urethral Stricture Treatment without Surgery? Check Clematis Erecta that is considereda top Urethral stricture treatment Medicine in Homeopathy. Early detection and treatment of this condition can help you in Urethral Stricture Treatment without Surgery

How to detect if you have a urethral stricture?
Check for early Signs and symptoms of urethral stricture that include:

  • Decreased urine stream.
  • Incomplete bladder emptying.
  • Spraying of the urine stream.
  • Difficulty, straining or pain when urinating.
  • Increased urge to urinate or more-frequent urination.
  • Urinary tract infection.

Diagnosis and detection methods for urethral stricture are

  1. Urinalysis – looks for signs of infection, blood or cancer in your urine.
  2. Urinary flow test – measures the strength and amount of urine flow.
  3. Urethral ultrasound – evaluates the length of the stricture.
  4. Pelvic ultrasound – looks for the presence of urine in your bladder after urination.

You should consult a homeopathic doctor for early treatment of Urethral Stricture if you have display these symptoms
A urethral stricture can cause a very slow urinary stream or make it difficult to completely empty your bladder. It may feel like you have to urinate again right after a trip to the bathroom, or a frequent or urgent need to urinate. This condition may also cause pain, bleeding, and a fear of urinating

Why people look for Urethral Stricture Treatment without Surgery?
There are risks and possible complications from conventional surgical approaches to Urethral stricture that include

  • Bleeding (may require a blood transfusion)
  • Infection
  • Urine leakage from the ureter or bladder
  • Stricture returning after surgery
  • Kidney damage
  • Blood clots
  • Risks of anesthesia (the anesthesiologist will discuss these with you)

Is Urethral Stricture Treatment without Surgery possible?
Yes if the condition is detected early. Some people have the tendency to develop scar tissue more than others. Homeopathy can detect this and provide constitutional treatment to stop this tendency. Urethral Stricture is caused by buildup of scar tissue or inflammation around the ureter, often due to an external traumatic injury or inflammatory, ischemic, or traumatic processes. The ureter is made up of fibrous connective tissue and tends to scarring. Clematis erecta homeopathic medicine treats not only scar build up but inflammatory condition of the ureter that leads to restricted urine output

How do you treat urethral stricture naturally?
Thiosinaminum is well known as natural Scar tissue dissolver anywhere in the body. It can target mass lesions within the periurethral region slowly opening up the urethra aiding urethral stricture unblocking naturally

As per advancedurology (.com) Clematis is a homeopathic treatment that may relieve some of the symptoms associated with urethral strictures. It may help improve the flow of your urine. Clematis may help the urethral tract in establishing a proper flow of urine across the bladder.

Homeopathic remedy Clematis Erecta is derived from the plant Upright Virgin’s Bower (also named Flammula Jovis) belonging to family ranunculaceae. Dr Vikas Sharma reccomends Clematis Erecta for urethral stricture, burning, urethral discharge. In cases needing it excessive straining is required to initiate urination. Urethral stricture with weak urine flow and excessive straining to urinate. Burning in urethra when beginning to urinate or passing last drops of urine. Dr K S Gopi on the other hand identifies Clematis 30 for biting pain or tickling in the orifice of the urethra, before urination. Burning itching and stinging in the urethra after urination.

Oleum Santali (Sandalwood) is also well indicated for feeble urine output in Urethral stricture. Doctors reccomend it when urine output is very low, its anti inflammatory and cooling properties help inflamed urethra and aid in urine output

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