Stop repeating same mistakes with Bach flower chestnutbud

Repeating same mistakes Bach flower chestnutbud

Stop repeating same mistakes and being a repeat offender, delinquent person. Repeating same mistakes over and again is a behavioural problem that arises from lack of observation, correct it with bach remedy chestnutbud. Become a person who is mentally flexible good learner who learns by observation. With Bach flower chestnutbud the person starts learning from mistakes

An English idiom calls repeating mistakes “fool’s errand,”. You can avoid making the same mistake again and again by being mindful and focussing on tasks while learning from mistakes. Mistakes are opportunities for growth. They could be considered a curse, a blessing, or both, depending on what you do with them.

Why do I repeatedly make the same mistakes?
You could blame it on the brain for establishing set neural patterns. Because humans are creatures of habit and that’s just who we are. When we do something right, a neural pathway is created in the brain. Unfortunately, the same applies when we do something wrong. We basically build habits this way, both good and bad. So the reason humans keep making the same mistakes over and over again is that we simply slip by default back into existing neural pathways. Several recent studies reveal how our brains don’t learn from our past mistakes to the extent we might hope.

How to stop making the same mistakes over and over again?
You could overcome this shortcoming with a combination of mindful work and a bit of help from Bach flower remedies. Dr Edward Bach found that flower essences have a powerful bearing on our emotional states and correct disequilibrium that may causes emotional imbalances and behavious problems. Lack of observation and hence the need for repeated experience is the root cause of repeat mistakes. It could be contributed by loss of concentration also. Chestnutbud is indicated to correct this in bach flower remedy

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