St George TCT 15 Homeopathic Tissue Complex Tablets for Safe Delivery

St George TCT 15 Homeopathic Tissue Complex Tablets for Safe Delivery

St.George TCT No 15 is a tonic that acts beneficially upon the constitution of the mother and child, prevents complication of the child birth, to be used during the period of pregnancy starting from 5th or 6th month.

St Georges’s Homeopathic Tissue complex Tablets (TCT) have been prepared according to American formula, these are compounds made from Tissue remedies – inorganic substances contained in the blood & tissues suffice to cure all treatable diseases. These are highly effective and produce good results when used over long periods in complicated diseases when symptoms indicate two or more remedies. These can also be used alternately when 2 or more combination remedies are indicated.

TCT (Tissue Complex Tablets) are very minute doses of the 12 essential minerals required for the body proper functioning. Illness or common ailments are a result of the deficiency or imbalance of these salts that may be triggered be a diet of highly processed foods. Homeopathic tissue salts are specially formulated micro doses that is easily absorbed in the mouth instead of the gastric tract (stomach), they are chew able and pleasant tasting too. Tissue salts are natural supplements for the entire family including infants and safely taken alongside other medications or supplements.

Ingredients: TCT No.15-Safe Delivery Contains: Calc Phos, Mag. Phos ,Kali Phos, Calc .Flour.

Dosage: 5 tablets of St George TCT 15 Homeopathic Tissue Complex Tablets before or after meals and at bed time.

Size: 30 gm

Manufacturer: St.George’s Homoeopathy

Rate/Price: Rs 75 (Buy Online!! Get 10% off)

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