Buy St.George Neelima Hair Care, Best Medicated Oil for Hair Fall

St George Neelima Hair Care Oil - Prevents Hair Fall

St George Neelima Hair Care Oil prevents falling of hair by nourishing the hair roots. It enriches the hair follicles and promotes the growth of hair on the scalp.

St George Neelima Hair Care Oil is proven that the extract of Eclipta Alba increases the anagens which stimulates the melanocytes producing melanin which retains the natural blackness of hair and thereby prevents the greying of hair. Fenugreek keeps the hair clean, shiny and acts as a conditioner.

St. Georges has carved a niche in the market by manufacturing the best quality medicines. Right from selection of raw materials till door delivery of medicines. St. Georges manufacture medicines by following highest homoeopathic standards and are known for good manufacturing practices.

St George Neelima Hair Care Oil Composition:
• Eclipta alba 20%
• Amloky 20%
• Aloevera 20%
• Neem 10%
• Arnica M 10%
• Fenugreek 5%
• Jaborandi 5%
• Rose mary oil 10%
• In Coconut oil base.

Dosage: Apply St George Neelima Hair Care Oil on the scalp and forehead and leave on for hour before washing.

Presentation: 60 ml

Manufacturer: St.George’s Homoeopathy

RATE/PRICE: Rs.220 (Buy Online!! Get 10% OFF)

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