St George Acido -Nil Drops – An Ideal Remedy for Acidity

St.George’s Acido Nil Drops is recommended homeopathic medicine for safe and effective relief from hyperchlorhydria, acidity, heart burn, burning in abdomen, sour eructations, nausea and fullness of abdomen.

Acidity is the amount of acid in a substance or in stomach.

St.George’s Acido -Nil Drops contains homeopathic ingredients like Iris Geranium Mac.Q, Hydrastis Can.3X, Ver.Q, Robinia.Q, Ornithogalum.Q that control gastric disturbances, dyspepsia and associated symptoms

Dosage: Take 20 to 30 drops of St.George’s Acido – Nil Drops twice a day in 20 ml of water or as prescribed by physician.

RATE: MRP: Rs.100 (Get 10% OFF)

Manufacturer: St.George’s Homeopathy

Presentation: 30 ml

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