Schwabe German Biofungin for Iron deficiency, Anemia, Weakness

Biofungin Schwabe German Tonic for Anemia and Exhaustion, homeopathic medicine

Schwabe German Biofungin Tonic is a great tasting homeopathic medicine for weakness that acts as a restorative tonic used for convalescence, lack of appetite, anemia and conditions of fatigue. Homeopathic medicine for anaemia and exhaustion.

Biofungin is a German homeopathic blood-builder formula that contains phyto nutrients essential for hemoglobin formation and the production of red blood cells. Apart from Iron important microminerals such as cobalt, copper, manganese & Zinc is provided.It corrects all the different forms of Anemia’s caused by deficiencies of Iron, Folic Acid, and Vitamin B-12 in the body. It is easy to digest, as well as gentle on the stomach

Health Benefits of Iron: Helps delay aging, alzheimer and other degenerative diseases, corrects menstruation particularly if it is prolonged and heavy, prevents peptic ulcer disease, Keeps your hormones in good shape. Lack of vitamin B12, iron deficiency can result in shrinkage of brain, create irreversible damage and stunt the development of your child. Some Individuals have an increased requirement for iron and women who are Pregnant or lactating. The Elderly too require regular supplement of Iron.

The Signs of Iron deficiency you should not ignore:
– Fatigue
– Dizziness
– Shortness of breath
– Weakness
– Difficulty concentrating
– Headaches

Ingredients: Schwabe German Biofungin Tonic 100G Contains, Mangnesium Borocitricum 5×2.0 Zincum Sulfuricum 5×1.0 Cobaltum Nitricum 5x 1.0 Cuprum Aceticum 5x 1.0 Manganum Aceticum 5×1.0 Acidum Formicacum 5×2.0 Acidum Tartarcum 4x 2.0 Ferrum Glycerinophosphoricum 3x 1.0 Excipients Q S To 100.0

Mode of Action of ingredients in Schwabe German Biofungin Tonic is as follows
Magnesium borocitricum: It alleviates many symptoms including nervousness, irritability, fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia, muscle cramps. menstrual cramps, muscle tremors or twitching.
Zincum sulfuricum: It is useful for trembling and cramps in arms and legs. Weakness is marked by nervous headaches.
Cobaltum nitricum: It is reported in homeopathic literature to cause an increase of red corpuscles and useful in anaemia. Anxiety, depressive state with difficulty in concentration, poor memory and trembling of hands are covered.
Cuprum aceticum: It is remembered in anemia, chlorosis , weak memory and decreased brain functions.’
Manganum aceticum: It is indicated for general anaemia and is useful when the menses are early, scanty or there are menstrual discharges between the periods.’
Acidum formicicum: It increases muscular strength and resistance to fatigue. It is useful in chronic muscle pain and soreness. Also indicated for failing vision.
Acidum tartaricum: It is mentioned in literature for great weakness, dullness and lassitude. it is also useful in paralytic debility, confusion in head with dizziness, and frequent yawning.
Ferrum glycerinophosphoricum: Improving haemoglobin levels. It is indicated for slow cognitive and social development during childhood. It is also useful in decreased immune function, which increases susceptibility to infection.

Schwabe German Biofungin Tonic Dosage: Adults One tablespoonful, children One teaspoonful half an hour before meals three times a day.

Size: Schwabe German Biofungin Tonic comes in 250ml sealed bottle

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24 thoughts on “Schwabe German Biofungin for Iron deficiency, Anemia, Weakness”

  1. I have got a lot of gastric problems and susceptible to GOUT meaning increased URIC acid levels so how will biofungin help in theses matters our mountain water is being filtered for drinking purpose NO RO involved here rgds Harminder

    1. Iron deficiency as in anemia frequently complicates inflammatory-mediated chronic disorders such as psoriasis. It is medically known that Psoriatic arthritis can also cause tiredness (fatigue) and low red blood cell count (anemia). Biofungin is helpful in such conditions

      1. We need a drop name for low platelets from Homeopathic doctor william Schwabe German

      2. You are looking for a schwabe medicine for Thrombocytopenia which is a condition in which you have a low blood platelet count. We could not find any

  2. My mother is facing excessive menstrual problem and having clots in her menstrual time
    Her platelets counts below the minimum and due to excessive bleeding she is now become anemic does this medicine work for her,she have red and purple kind of dots on her body due to all this condition

    1. Women who experience heavy menstrual periods, and people who have internal bleeding due to ulcers or other digestive problems are at the greatest risk for anemia. Menorrhagia can cause blood loss anemia by reducing the number of circulating red blood cells. The skin spots are due to petechiae which is a sign of low blood platelets

  3. I have taken this medicine 10 ml,2 times a day for a week and I have developed severe constipation since the last week.Please advise a proper dosage for my aneamia taking into account the constipation.

    1. One of the common symptoms of anemia is constipation alongwith abdominal bloating and gas, heartburn. This is induced by cravings in some people also. Take the indicated dosage of Biofungin w/o worry of it causing any constipation

  4. Hi my boy is 4 years and 10 months old and premature and he is miskrosefeli. He has peg he is not eating through mouth and always constipation and because of which he throws a lot even some time he through out pooh through mouth. id this medicine will help him?

    1. Microcephaly is a medical condition in which the brain does not develop properly resulting in a smaller than normal head which usually causes intellectual disability and speech delay. In severe cases, there may be seizures and abnormal muscle functionality. He is throwing up because constipation can cause bloating, irritability and food intolerance. Biofungin treats anemia that often goes with problems of constipation and therefore it may be well indicated

    1. Anemia is one of the most common and most lasting side effects of chemotherapy. Anemia places extra demands on your body and can cause excessive tiredness or fatigue. Biofungin will be of invaluable help in such cases

      1. My baby 7 years old she had affected peripheral T Cell limphoma, now chemotherapy 2 dose going on , how much dose biofungin give her ?

    1. You have a condition called thrombocytopenia (having less than 150,000 count). The normal platelet count ranges from 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microliter of blood. This could lead to excessive bleeding as clot formation does not happen. If the low platelet count is due to dengue, you may consider medicines like Dr.Raj Adesenil or Denguemar

    1. If your baby appears tired and weak with pale skin it could be iron deficiency anemia (which is common). Pediatrician will tell you other symptoms like irritability, loss of appetite, sore tongue, brittle nails. Slightly diluted Biofungin in small quantities may be given under the guidance of a health professional.

    1. Crohn’s Disease is a condition that causes inflammation of the digestive system or gut and affects normal absorption of nutrients. This mal-absorption of iron is causing anemia. Biofungin will definitely be of immense help to him

    1. Hartelijk dank voor uw aanvraag … we hebben geen winkel in Europa aan het moment..we kan verzenden naar het Verenigd Koninkrijk en je kunt het op te halen daar zijn er beperkingen in uw land

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