SBL Hypericum Perforatum 1X Tablets, Homeopathy for Nerve Injuries

SBL Hypericum Perforatum 1X Tablets for Nerve Injuries

Sbl Hypericum Perforatum 1X Tablets is indicated for injury to nerves specially fingers, spinal injuries, toe nails, very sensitive to touch. Puncture wounds. Pain following surgical operations, numbness and crawling sensation in hands and feet.

Introduction: Nerves can be damaged by pressure, stretching or cutting. An injury to a serve can result in a problem with the muscle or in a loss of sensation.
Nerve damage may produce the following symptoms:
• Pain
• Sensitivity
• Numbness
• Tingling or prickling
• Burning

Hypericum Perforatum is a first aid remedy for injuries to areas rich in nerves such as fingertips, toes and spinal cord, especially coccyx. It is of immense use in excessive pains post surgery, puncture wounds and animal bites. There may be shooting pain along the course of the nerves, crawling sensation or numbness in hands and feet.

Composition: Each tablet contains 250 mg of Hypericum perforatum 1X.

Dosage: Adults: 2 tablets Children: One tablet Three times daily or as prescribed by the physician

Contraindications: No known contraindications

Presentation: Bottle of 25 g

Manufacturer: SBL Pvt.Ltd

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