SBL Homeopathy Drops No.3 for UTI symptoms

SBL Drops No.3 (for Symptoms of UTI)

Indications – Burning urination, Hematuria,Pain in loin with fever and chills , Pain in lower abdomen , Persistant or frequent urge to urinate,
Dribbling of urine, Offensive urine .

Composition – Berberis Vulgaris Q , Sarsaparilla Q,Ocimum Can. Q . Pareira brava Q,Senecio aureus Q , Cantharis 3x

Dosage – 15 -20 drops in ¼ th cup of water4 times a day OR as prescribed by physician

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3 thoughts on “SBL-DROPS-No.3”

  1. If urine analysis report shows RBC 3-4
    PUS CELLS 30-40
    In this case is SBL NO 3 useful ?
    please suggest

  2. For how long should i use this sbl drops no3 or how many bottles do i take so that my problem totally becomes ok.

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