SBL Calendula Pomade Ointment for Cuts, Bruises and Roughness

SBL Calendula Pomade Ointment for Cuts, Bruises and Roughness

SBL Calendula Pomade Ointment Antiseptic Healing cream indicated for Cuts, Bruises and Roughness.

About Calendula Calendula enhance the wound healing process. This herb increases flow of blood to the wound site, thereby providing the oxygen and nutrients essential to tissue regeneration. With its high amount of flavonoids, it can help reduce inflammation, fight off bacteria, viruses and other harmful foreign invaders, protecting against wound infection. It is a soothing ointment, wash or tincture, and help provide cooling relief on irritated wounds and reduce inflammation and swelling.

SBL gel and ointments are prepared in a one of its kind Homogeniser for an equal distribution of the medicament to each and every part of the gel and the ointments.
• Quick Absorption
• Deep penetration
• Non-staining
• Easily washable

Indications of SBL Calendula Cream, An all purpose antiseptic & anodyne cream.
Heals cuts, bruises, chapped surfaces, burns and scalds.

SBL Calendula Ointment Ingredients: Calendula officinalis MT 4.0 g, Ointment base q.s. to 100 g, (White Petrolatum, Paraffinand Lanolin)

SBL Calendula Cream Application: Apply SBL calendula pomade ointment on affected area after cleaning it properly.

Presentation: SBL Calendula Cream comes in 25gm tube

Manufacturer: SBL Pvt.Ltd
SBL is India’s prominent Homeopathic brand known for its quality & efficacy of medicines. SBL medicines undergo extensive clinical trials and are ISO 9000:2000 quality & GMP certified. The result is a product like SBL Calendula Cream that delivers the healing that it promises. SBL’s motto is “excellence at no extra cost”

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  1. I have penis itching problem for more than a month. Some dry funsi/small fora on my penis. I have also a problem of ear itching. Behind my both ears/ear roots offen itching. Will Sbl calandula pomade ointment cure that problem without any side effect.

  2. Is this ointment used to be removed time by time from wound and bruises and applied again and again

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