Sarracenia Purpurea Homeopathy Medicine for Smallpox prevention, Treatment

About Sarracenia Purpurea Homeopathic Medicine
They derive their common name from their hollow tubular leaves, which can take the form of a trumpet, a pitcher, or an urn
The pitchers trap and digesting flying and crawling insects, making the species one of the few carnivorous plants in North America
Arizona State University reached a positive outcome testing Saracenia Purpurea vs. smallpox. Results illustrate conclusively that this herb is able to kill the virus. An infusion of the roots has been used in the treatment of smallpox – Plants For A Future (PFAF)
Pitcher plant contains tannins and other chemicals that are thought to help with some digestive tract problems. Pitcher plant might also protect against certain viruses … Says WebMD
A pitcher plant extract (Sarapin) is given as a shot. Sarapin is a grandfathered FDA-approved prescription product. Healthcare providers inject Sarapin for relieving pain in the back, neck, and other locations in the body
A decoction of the root has been given to women to help expel the afterbirth and to prevent sickness after childbirth
A strong decoction of the root has been used in the treatment of spitting blood and pulmonary complaints
What Doctors recommend for smallpox treatment in Homeopathy? ” Give Sarracenia purpurea 6C and Maladrinum 200C alternately  two times daily (morning and night) for one week” as preventive for smallpox. DR KS Gopi
Dr Adil says Sarracenia Purpurea enzyme is used In the treatment of Variola or Chicken Pox in children. He says it
Aborts The Disease
Arrests Pustulation – Small Bumps On The Skin That Contain Fluid Or
Treats mild fever with body pain, Backache, Vomiting
Mother Tincture available in 30ml, 100ml sealed bottles. Dilutions in 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, potencies in 30ml, 100ml sealed bottles
Medicated Pills in 2 Dram sterile Glass Vials

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