Renal insufficiency treatment in Homeopathy. Clinically cured case

Kidney failure treatment without dialysis

Renal insufficiency treatment with Homeopathic medicine. Clinically cured case, details by Dr Mafkhar Baig

Image & case credit Dr Mafkhar Baig

Case details as provided by Dr.Titled: HOMOEOPATHIC DIALYSIS

Today through this case I would like to share my experience of one drug which i have found very effective especially in cases of Renal insufficiency or Renal failure or whatever nomenclatures given for low functions of kidneys.

This is a case of a lady in her late 50s. Her daughter a qualified BUMS was referred to me by one of my students. Since the patient was physically not very fit her daughter visited me and I spoke to the patient on video call.

The patient complained of intense nausea, pt was thirsty but nausea increased on drinking water, Profound weakness n exhaustion, While answering she appeared in a confused state of Mind. With a creatinine level of 9.13 there was a normal output of urine instead a frequent desire for urination, Investigation reports even revealed borderline Diabetes. After taking all the history of the Pt I asked her daughter, U being a doctor how come u waited so much and did not go for Dialysis?.

To which she replied that Many times they had taken Mom to different hospitals for these procedures but her Mom did not like the feel there and insisted them to take her back home as soon as possible. Now this Symptom of Wanting to go home or Desiring to go home I have seen in 3 patient of Dialysis before as well.

I dont know the nexus between this mental symptom and Renal failure but what I know is one drug has helped in all these cases. Cuprum Ars 30 was given to this Lady and by Gods grace the Creatinine levels reduced to 6.82 in hardly 10 days. The nausea along with the weakness was also benefitted.

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