First Aid Kit by Cristina Villacorta



First Aid Kit by Homeopath Cristina Villacorta

About First Aid Kit- By Cristina Villacorta, Homeopath

This doctor recommended kit consists of 75 prescribed homeopathy medicines recommended for various ailments. Homeopathy treatment for first aid is not only 100% safe but also very effective in a large number of patients.

Below set of homeopathy 2 dram pellets has been selected by an experienced and qualified Homeopath Cristina Villacorta.

first aid homeopathy kit

Aconitum N 200c in first aid helps soothe fear and reduce shock after a scare, bad news, or an accident.

Aethusa 200c is helpful for children during dentition in hot summer weather; children who cannot bear milk

Allium Cepa 30c provides relief of hay fever and colds with streaming eyes, profuse clear nasal discharge and frequent sneezing.

Antimonium C 6c application has been confined largely to the treatment of respiratory diseases, rattling of mucus.

Apis 6c helps in relieving eye infections such as conjunctivitis and styes, sore throats, hives, stings from insects, and urinary tract infections.

Arnica 3c helps to relieve minor injuries, overexertion, or pain, and swelling and bruising from surgery.

Arsenicum A 200c provides relief of exhaustion, restlessness, fever, loose stool, watery discharges.

Arsenicum A 3c provides relief of exhaustion, restlessness, fever, loose stool, watery discharges.

Arsenicum A 6c provides relief of exhaustion, restlessness, fever, loose stool, watery discharges.

Baptisia T 200c is mainly used to treat severe feverish conditions

Belladonna 30c is used to stop bronchial spasms in asthma and whooping cough, and as a cold and hay fever remedy

Belladonna 3c is used to stop bronchial spasms in asthma and whooping cough, and as a cold and hay fever remedy

Bovista 200 is very effective in skin complaints and acts well on the circulatory system particularly a tendency for bleeding with a lot of weakness.

Bryonia 30 remedy is used to relieve constipation, upset stomach, and fluid retention.

Calcarea C 200 is used to treat a variety of diseases and disorders such as acne, arthritis, vaginal discharges in women, night terrors in children, and ringworm on the scalp.

Calcarea Phos 3x is useful in cases of fistula; and when fistula has been operated on and symptoms have appeared elsewhere.

Cantharis 200c is a homeopathic remedy used for acute inflammations of the mucosae, the urinary orgasms, the reproductive organs, the gastrointestinal tract, and the skin with formations of blisters, effusions in cavities of the body, minor burns and scalds.

Chelidonium 6x has traditionally been used for treatment of various inflammatory diseases including atopic dermatitis. It is also traditionally used in the treatment of gallstones and dyspepsia

Coffea C 200c remedy relieves sleeplessness with worries, overactive thoughts, and hypersensitivity to pain.

Conium 3c is an important remedy commonly used for reducing pyuria.

Graphites 200c is a very deep acting remedy, like all carbons, and is accompanied with induration and burning in the base of the ulcers, inflamed tissues and old cicatrices.

Hepar S 200c is very useful remedy for colds, coughs, sore throats, croup , abscesses, earaches, inflamed cuts and wounds.

Hepar S 6c is very useful remedy for colds, coughs, sore throats, croup , abscesses, earaches, inflamed cuts and wounds.

Ignatia 200c is useful to treat situational anxiety, grief and depression.

Ipecac 30c is used to treat bronchitis associated with croup in children, a severe kind of diarrhea.

Iris Versi 200c is useful in healing of stomach conditions causing headache and migraine.

Kali Carb 200c is useful for temporary relief of profuse sweating after exertion, stabbing pains, indigestion after eating.

Kali Iod 6c is useful in relieving the symptoms of nasal catarrh.

Kali Sulph 3x is useful in catarrhal affections with thick yellow or greenish pus, viscid or thin yellow watery discharges.

Lachesis 200c is used acutely for hepatitis menopausal hot flushes heavy periods, migraine headaches, ear infections, ovarian cysts, gastritis or peptic ulcers.

Lycopodium 200c is commonly used for the diagnosis or treatment of cough and is also used for the liver, urinary and digestive disorders.

Lycopodium 30c is a widely used homeopathic medicine for the liver, urinary and digestive disorders.

Medorrhinum 200c is a powerful and deep-acting medicine, often indicated for chronic ailments due to suppressed gonorrhea.

Mercurious S 200c is a commonly used homoeopathic remedy for mouth-throat infections, catarrh, eye, ear infections, and fever.

Natrum Phos 30c homeopathic remedy relieves nausea and cramps from indigestion, especially after excessive eating of spicy foods or drinking of alcohol.

Nux Vom 30c helps in treating a range of conditions, including allergies, fever, insomnia, numbness in the hands or legs.

Pulsatilla 30c is used for tension headache, hyperactivity, trouble sleeping (insomnia), boils, asthma and other lung diseases, earache, migraines, nerve pain (neuralgia), general restlessness, disorders of the gastrointestinal (GI), and disorders of the urinary tract.

Pyrogenium 200c is highly useful in the treatment of septic diseases which leads such as fever in women after delivery. It is an excellent remedy for the treatment of typhoid and can be used to cure conditions associated with poisoning.

Rhus Tox 30c is best remedy for sprains and strains, joint stiffness & pain, inflammations, rashes, hives and urticaria.

Ruta 200c is useful for rheumatic and connective tissue problems, especially following chronic overuse, strain, or injury of joints or tendons.

Sanguinaria 200c is used for treating respiratory tract diseases that affects the mucous membrane. It highlights clear vasomotor disturbances as is evident with cheek redness, blood to the chest and head, burning in soles and palms, heat flushes, temporal vein distention and many types of climatic disorders.

Staphysagria 200c helps relieve itching or pain in surgical or clean-cut wounds and warts.

Sulphur 200c helps promote the loosening and shedding of skin. This is believed to help treat skin conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis or acne.

Tabacum 200c is indicated for sea sickness, nausea, giddiness, vomiting, icy coldness, and sweat.

Thuja 30c is used for respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis, bacterial skin infections, and cold sores.


Antimonium C 200c+Arsen200

Arnica 3c+ Cuprum Met6c

Hamamelis200c +Arnica3c

Hepar S200+ Arsen200c


Lycopodium200c+ Plumb200c

Mercurious Cyan200c+ Bell3c

Nux vom30+ Colocynthys200c

Picricum Ac 200c +Bell3c

Rhus tox 30c+ Bryonia 200c

Symphytum200+ Rhux Tox30c

VeratrumAlb200c +Cuprum Met6c

Ipecac30c +CuprumMet6c

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