Pepper benefits for health with Homeopathy Piper Nigrum

pepper benefits for health

Pepper benefits for health through homeopathy mother tincture, dilutions and medicated pills. Homeopathic Piper Nigrum medicine is prepared from unripe fruit of Black pepper. This spice originated in India, particularly from the Malabar region and the Western Ghats. It has many uses in homeopathy particularly in gastric complaints, sneezing, feeling of burning and pressure in different parts of body etc., Know more

Part Used: Dry unripe fruit.

Homoeopathic Uses: pepper benefits for health
Headache: severe headache, as if temples were pressed in, pressure in nasal and facial bones. bursting in eyeballs. sensation of burning and pressure everywhere.
Gastric symptoms: gastric discomfort. full feeling. flatulence. colic and cramps.
Dyspnea: difficulty in breathing. cough with pain in chest in spots, feels as if spitting blood.
potency: lower potencies

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