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  1. Hi Can you help me with a shipping quote to California? I’ve tried homeomart.com and .net The .com doesn’t show the shipping in USD. The .net says no shipping options were found. I also see that I can place an order on amazon but does that take longer to ship? Thank you for your help. =)

  2. Trying to order from San Angelo, TX USA but it says no shipping options available. Is this an error, or do you not ship to Texas, USA? Thank you

    1. It takes about a week or 1-2 more to deliver your homeopathy medicines to Canada by DHL. India post may be a bit longer

  3. I placed an order to be delivered to Australia. how long will delivery take? How do i track order? will I be emailed a receipt? Regards Steve

    1. Hello Stephen, We have received your orders #93147 & 48, we will process your order & intimate you by mail. The second wave of COVID-19 has led to lockdowns, curfews and containment zones across India, thus impacting our employees as well as service providers. There may be slight delay

    1. Yes we ship to Canada regularly, delivery time 8-10 days max. Order processing time 2-6 days depending on medicines. For a Quote mail your requirements here

  4. Hii Sir, This is Thakur Fatnani and I have placed order and made the payment also but there is no update on the delivery so pls send us the info – Thanks

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