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  1. hi, never received this shipment, looks like the items got stuck in transit. what options do I have?

  2. I’m trying to purchase Vashisht Calcerea Flour gel with a credit card and have shipped to a place in Kentucky. Not having luck.

  3. I just ordered 4 bottles of nixocid online through your website. Just wanted to know how long it would take for the medicine to be delivered to canada.

    1. Delivery time to Canada will take 8-10 days on average, we will provide you shipping tracking number by mail when we process your order. You can track it in the link there

  4. i was told that x2 bhagava spondin drop as per your send to on 20/09 2018 that their cost with reference to quotation caculation that include shipping and handling to singapore is singapore $50.18 for two 30ml bottles and i want to purchase the items if it is this price but by means of my DBSbank, debit cardwhich is known as master card.

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