Medisynth Angio Card Gold Plus Drops-Homeopathic Heart medicine

Homeopathy medicine Angio Card Gold Plus Drops, for cardiac (Heart) complaints, heart tonic from Medisynth

Medisynth Angio Card Gold Plus Drops is a heart tonic for a variety of cardiac and aortic complaints. If used regularly, AngioCard Gold Plus tones up and sustains the cardiovascular system in good health.

Medisynth Angiocard Gold Plus Drops is indicated for various cardiac (Heart) complaints. This is a broad spectrum tonic for a healthy heart, it treats a variety of cardiac and aortic complaints. Angiocard Gold Plus helps tone and sustain the cardiovascular system. It’s therapeutic efficacy is the result of perfect synergy between gold compound and various ingredients known to benefit the cardiovascular system.

Medisynth AngioCard Gold Plus Drops Contains:
• Crataegus Oxyacantha 2x,
• Cactus Grandiflorus 2x,
• Camphora 2x,
• Strophanthus Hispidus 3x,
• Valeriana Officinalis 1x,
• Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum 3x

Action of Individual ingredients in Medisynth Angiocard
Cactus Grandiflours: The heart and arteries respond specially to the influence of Cactus, particularly when there are characteristic sensations of constrictions as of an iron band. Other indications are: Atheromatous arteries and weak heart. Endocarditis with mitral insufficiency together with violent and rapid action. Acts best in the incipiency of cardiac incompetence. Heart weakness or arteriosclerosis. Tobacco heart, violent palpitation, Angina pectoris, with suffocation, cold sweat, and ever present iron band feeling. Pain in apex, shooting down left arm. Palpitation, with vertigo, flatulence, constriction. Very acute pains and stitches in heart. Pulse feeble, irregular, quick, without strength, endocardial murmurs, excessive impulse, increased precordial dullness, enlarged ventricle, low blood pressure.
Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum ( Gold Compound) High blood pressure due to disturbed function of nervous mechanism. Arteriosclerosis.
Camphora: A most satisfactory remedy as a heart stimulant for emergency use, state of collapse, sudden sinking of strength, pulse small and weak. Low blood pressure. Insomnia, precordial distress, suffocative dyspnoea. Antidote to effects of tobacco, opium, etc
Crataegus Oxyacantha: A heart tonic acting on the heart muscle. Indications are as follows. Myocarditis, irregularity of heart, Insomnia of aortic sufferers. For high arterial tension. Acts as a sedative in cross, irritable patients with cardiac symptoms; in chronic heart disease with extreme weakness and very feeble, irregular heart action’ Arteriosclerosis. Said to have a solvent power upon crustaceous and calcareous deposits in arteries. Cardiac dropsy. Fatty degeneration, Aortic disease. Extreme dyspnoea on least exertion, without much increase of pulse, pain in region of heart and under left clavicle. Heart muscles seem flabby, worn out; cough. Heart dilated; first sound weak, pulse accelerated, irregular, feeble, intermittent. Valvular murmurs. Angina pectoris. Cutaneous chilliness, blueness of fingers and toes, aggravated by exertion or excitement. Sustains heart in infectious diseases.
Strophanthus Hispidus: Restores tone especially to heart muscles and valves. Especially useful in failing compensation of fatty heart. Increases contractile power of heart muscles. Increases systole. Diminishes rapidity; tones up the heart. Of use in mitral regurgitation with oedema and dropsy. Irritable heart of tobacco smokers. Arteriosclerosis. Rigid arteries of the aged. Cardiac pain. A safe diuretic for the aged.
Valeriana Officinalis: Oversensitiveness. Nervous affections when apparently well chosen remedies fail. Irritable, tremulous, feels as if floating in air. Feeling of intoxication, pressure in forehead, spasmodic asthma with convulsive movement of diaphragm.

Note: The ingredients of Angiocard Gold Plus are all absolutely safe. Chances of contraindication and side effects are None known. However, due to the generally complex nature of cardiac problems, proper overall medical supervision is strongly recommended.

Dosage: 10-15 drops of Medisynth Angiocard Gold Plus Drops in a little water up to 3 times a day.

Manufacturer: Medisynth Ch. Pvt. Ltd

Size: Medisynth Angio Card Gold Plus Drops comes in 30ml sealed bottle

RATE: MRP: Rs.145 (10% OFF) Buy Online

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4 thoughts on “Medisynth Angio Card Gold Plus Drops-Homeopathic Heart medicine”

  1. Respected Sir,My name is Archie M Waugh,age-26 yrs old, Being a professional wrestler I’d a STENT in my heart, as two years back been seriously training for Maharashtra Kesari that time I had a pain in chest and the doctor had admitted me in Ruby Hall Closet is in Pune and their I had STENT in my heart,but within a couple of days when I came home next day I did squats of 150kgs,at present I am taking MET XL 50 in the morn and ECOSPRIN GOLD 20 in the evening. I don’t want to take this tablet, if I take the ANGIO CARD GOLD PLUS regular will it do? Would love to hear from thou. God bless.

    1. You need to exercise caution. Exercise is advised after stenting procedure to help faster recovery. However for people with coronary artery disease (non stented) lifting heavy weights is not advised as it could could rupture plaques in arteries. Also high intensity weight lifting is contraindicated for patients with damage to your heart muscle, arrhythmias, or high blood pressure.
      You can take Angi card with other allopathic medicines

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