Kidney pain left side treatment with Berberis Vulgaris

kidney pain left side treatment

Kidney pain left side treatment in homeopathy arising from urinary tract infection or UTIs, kidney stones, medical conditions and blunt force trauma to the kidneys. Berberis Vulgaris homeopathic medicine, a prominently indicated renal colic medicine (especially of left side) eases pain that may be travelling from Kidney to the urethra and associated discomfort naturally.

What causes kidney pain on the left side?

As per the journal of nephrology, the causes of recurrent left flank pain are proteinuria, renal cysts, hematuria and Nutcracker syndrome. In the latter it leads to increased venous pressure, kidney congestion and proteinuria. However the commonest cause of left side pain is stone in the left kidney as also Pyelitis may cause pain. larger stones, when traveling from the kidney through the ureters to the bladder, can cause severe pain called colic. This can be identified by symptoms of sudden onset of pain, blood in the urine and stones that show on x-ray.

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How does Berberis Vulgaris relieve left kidney pain?
Homeopathic medicine Berberis Vulgaris is derived from barberry plant which belongs to family berberidaceae. This medicine has widespread action on urinary organs. It is indicated in Kidney stones, kidney pain, kidney disorders, bladder disorders, nephritis (kidney inflammation), cystitis (bladder inflammation), haematuria (blood in urine). It helps dissolve kidney stones and relieves pain arising from kidney stones. Berberis Vulgaris is an important medicine for treating shooting pain in kidneys that reaches the bladder. Burning sensation, bubbling sensation or pressive pain is felt in area around kidneys which is sore and sensitive to touch. Any jarring motion or jumping worsens the pain
It is also udeful for Pus Cells In Urine. Berberis Vulgaris Q is prescribed when burning in urethra is present even when not urinating. Along with this, pain in kidney region and thighs may also be present. Constant urge to urinate, with scanty urine, is another indication that Homeopathic medicine . There is the sensation of some urine remaining in the bladder after urinating. Cramping or aching pain in the bladder while urinating is another symptom showing Berberis Vulgaris

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