Justin Bieber Paralysis Homeopathy can help says Doctor

justin bieber paralysis treatment in homeopathy

Image & Message Credit: Mr Baig (Mafkar Clinic Mumbai India), contact him at +91 9833516710, website drbaigs dot com

(Dr Baig’ Message ad verbatim)

My Dear Friends,

As one of my friend Mr Asif Tamboli has asked about viral infection and the homeopathic approach particularly for Varicella Zoster virus because one top Hollywood singer Justin Bieber has got affected from this virus. So, Varicella virus is in a medical terminology causing chicken pox and in the same way as Variola virus in past had cause small pox. As per W.H.O. small pox has already been eradicated long back by vaccination programs and may be by herd immunity. But Varicella is similar to small pox and in layman language known as ‘Chhoti Mata’ i.e. the Chicken Pox still activated in this era too.

In this context, one important thing to remember is that if a child is getting such type of infections like chicken pox it means child would develop immunity against such type of affections which also are being known as Pox Fevers or Zymotic affections. While, if chicken pox is occurring in young or old that shows that their immunity level is low. Chicken Pox in children is not a dangerous disease but if it occurring in young adults or elderly persons will be dangerous. There are variety of complications may keep on occurring since these viruses keep on mutating themselves. The recent example is Monkey Pox, as they can also enter inside the brain resulting into various neurological complications. It may be facial palsy or paralysis.

Now, whether Chicken Pox or monkey pox or even small pox what would be the Homeopathic approach to treat and what would be efforts to prevent or for them who have phobia to get such affections? In homeopathy, there is a remedy named Variolinum which can be used for this purpose, the phobia of a person to get. This homeopathic nosode or you can say vaccine has been prepared from the lymph of small pox pustule. In small pox the vesicles are crowded and small in size so it is called as small pox, where as in Varicella i.e. in chicken pox or related virus monkey pox etc. the eruptive vesicles are scattered and in various sizes.

This varicella virus can enter inside the brain also and can cause variety of complicated and mysterious conditions one can be facial palsy or paralysis where half of the face may be paralyzed. Here I would like to talk about one of my successfully treated case of a young lady which was suffering from Bell’s Palsy. Because of this disease her one side of the face became paralyzed but got treated successfully with Homeopathy. I have treated this lady long back so I am unable to find her file but there are many such treated cases in my book ‘Homo-Immunication’.

However, Ramsay Hunt Syndrome has similar symptoms from which famous pop singer Justin Bieber is suffering also can be treated with Homeopathy whether it is caused by virus or some other factors. Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is a brain’s neurological factor causing by Varicella Zoster Virus while Bells’s Palsy has a similar picture on the face in this, The causes will be various such as a cold air exposure while travelling on the train or bus, where a person usually lay down and sleep exposing one ear to the draft of cold air in the journey.

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