Joint pain in cloudy weather remedy: Homeopathy Rhododendron

joint pain in cloudy weather

Joint pain in cloudy weather is a barometric pressure phenomenon that your body reacts to in rheumatic ways. “Although it may a sound funny and astounding but there are people who can predict rain as accurate as a meteorologist by the condition of the pain in their joints.” says Dr. Vikas Sharma. ‘There’s no denying it, weather and climate can have a significant effect on arthritis and painful joints’ adds arthritis foundation dot org. Homeopathic remedy Rhododendron is a remedy of choice for this situation

Stop cloudy weather from making arthritis worse, get natural painkillers that are indicated specifically for such conditions in homeopathy. These prevents your joints from becoming stiff and painful and thereby inactive while it rains outside

Related: For Joint pain with Cold symptoms homeopathy cold and flu kit (based on Dr.Banerji protocols) is very useful. It not only reactivates body healing mechanisms for facter recovery but also treats myalgia or mysositis that may appear as a cold/flu symptom.

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