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The questions about safety of vaccines and their ingredients has led to the promotion of natural immunity products over vaccine-induced immunity.

What is the Homeopathic immune formula?

  • Provides natural immune system booster and revitalizes suppressed immunity
  • Homeopathic Immunity booster supplement decreases your body viral load, activates macrophages, modulates TNF*, Increases CD4 and CD8 cells
  • Provides natural immunity shield against cold, malaria, dengue, all viral infections
  • A proven immuno-modulator without any toxicity or side effects or drug interaction, can be safely given with allopathic or herbal medicines.

Homeopathic supplements like Alfalfa tonics and malts also help promote a healthy immune system and protect you from infectious diseases.


Immunity for Children

Kids fall ill many a times with Cold, Cough, Flu etc and as a parent you are worried about their health. They play in the open, get dirty, sit in the classroom and share school bus with other children where the likelihood of catching virus and bacteria is quite high. Some children are also poor eaters and are addicted to junk foods and bad eating habits. How do you boos their immune with Homeopathy? Experts opine that homeopathic medicines like Phosphorus 30C, Calcarea Carbonica 30C, Lycopodium 30 work very well. Each of these medicines should be given at an interval of 2hours (1 dose each for one day only). This dose may be spread over 3 weeks and the frequency of once a week.


Top products to boost your immunity naturally

Boost your immune system with these new homeopathic remedies that support it without any contra indications. Get Homeopathic immunity support for the entire family, safe & side effect free.

Check here to go to the list of top homeopathic immunity booster products with details.

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