Hyoscyamus Niger Homeopathy 2 Dram Pellets 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M

Common name – Henbane
This medicine is prepared from plant Hyoscyamus niger commonly known as Henbane. This plant belongs to family solanaceae.
Sphere of action – nervous system, sensorium, muscular system, mucous membrane & skin
Hyoscyamus Niger delirium fits twitchings restlessness
What Doctors recommend Hyoscyamus Niger for?
Dr Vikas Sharma prescribes Hyoscyamus for
marked Physical Restlessness
It is considered in cases where marked physical restlessness is there. Person needing it moves from one place to another. Along with this he is constantly muttering or talking. The talk is incoherent. The face is red with a wild staring look. Sometimes the jerking of the limbs is there. Delirium from pain is highly indicative of its use.
For Delusion Of Being Poisoned
This medicine is well indicated for persons having delusions of being poisoned. They are very suspicious and fear to eat or drink for fear of being poisoned. They also have delusions of being betrayed, being sold or having some plot against them.
When Fit Starts with Twitchings of Muscles of Face
It is useful for cases where fit begins with twitchings of muscles of face. In children needing it there may be jerking in the body which is wandering. At one time there is jerking of feet and at other times, the arms. Staring eyes, clenching of teeth and foaming at the mouth are some accompanying symptoms.
For Facial Twitches with Grimaces (ugly or contorted expressions)
seems to help cases of facial twitches with grimaces (ugly or contorted expressions). with this there may be shaking of tongue in a to and fro movement. There is also a tendency to bite tongue when talking.
Dr K S Gopi prescribes Hyoscyamus Niger 30 for nervous, irritable and excitable persons. Hyoscyamus is one of the best remedies for tics where the person making grimaces and ridiculous gestures. Muscles twitch when protruding the tongue. The person constantly stares at surrounding objects. Hyoscyamus persons are erotic, expose genitals, makes obscene gestures, sings amorous songs
Dr. Aadil Chimthanwalla prescribes Hyoscyamus Niger Delirious states where affected person exhibits deep suspicion . Also well indicated in Hydrocephalus , Meningitis, Encephalitis

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