How to protect liver during chemotherapy with natural remedy

How to protect liver during chemotherapy

How to protect liver during chemotherapy safely and naturally? You are at high risk of liver damage following cancer treatment involving chemotherapy. You can mitigate or lower the risk by keeping your liver healthy with milk thistle, also known as carduus marianus in homeopathy. This medicine is clinically known to reverse hepatic toxicity levels and treat liver function abnormalities

What can I take to protect my liver during chemo?
Milk Thistle known for years to be helpful to the liver, has now been shown to be capable of protecting the liver during chemotherapy. Research in America showed that leukaemia patients who took milk thistle had reduced liver toxicity and chemo side-effects. It clears the liver, and portal system from any blockages either by substance abuse or chemo induced toxicity. Materia medica links this to Stomach conditions like Bitter taste with decreased appetite. Persistent nausea, retching and vomiting of green, acrid fluid.

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