Homeopathy Constipation Kit with Laxyalo, Plumbum met 200c, Bryonia 200c

Homeopathy constipation Kit with Laxyalo, Plumbum met 200c, Bryonia 200c

Homeopathy constipation Kit is a combination of most effective Homeopathic medicines in liquid & tablet form to treat obstinate constipation. It provides relief from acute & chronic symptoms of constipation such as urging in toilet, dry clumpy constipation etc. Doctor recommended formulation.

• Laxyalo Tablets: Relieves occasional constipation, Does not disturb the fluid or electrolyte balance, It is safe and non-habit forming, Promotes regular bowel movements, Promotes healthy peristaltic movement through the digestive tract, Facilitates body’s normal removal of waste and toxins.
• Plumbum met 200c: For constipation caused by exposure to lead in any forms. Constant urging to stool accompanied with colic is a characteristic feature of this remedy.
• Bryonia 200c: For constipation with hard, dry stool that passes in lump form, Bryonia Alba is considered one of the best medicines for constipation.

Homeopathy constipation kit consists 3 most commonly prescribed medicines for constipation in Homeopathy
Laxyalo – 10*3 strip
Plumbum met 200c – 1 unit
Bryonia 200c – 1 unit

Laxyalo tablets: in afternoon
Plum met 200c: 2 drops in night
Bryonia 200c: 2 drops in morning

MRP: 375/- (Buy online get upto discounts)

You can also conveniently order Homeopathy constipation Kit online by Mail, Phone or Whatsapp (#9686858499)

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